Why IPO-Bound Startups Should Consider Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite for Startups

Oracle NetSuite is right now the world's fastest-growing 100% Cloud-based ERP platform, that is revolutionizing businesses, and empowering them to generate more ROI, more revenues, and more happy customers.


The relevance and importance of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP become even stronger when it comes to IPO-bound startups and companies.


Let’s understand why?


Most Important Factor For IPO Bound Startups


In one word: Trust.


Any startup or established business that aims to list their organization on the stock exchange needs to instill trust among their investors, backers, employees, and even Govt agencies.


Unless there is trust, their shares won’t get picked up by the investors, and there will be no traction.


And Oracle NetSuite is that platform that can help IPO-bound startups and organizations to generate that trust, stability, and confidence, which is crucial in this stage.


3 Reasons Why IPO-Bound Startups Should Consider Oracle NetSuite


Reason #1: Legal Compliance & Regulations


Stock market listing of any organization, be it a startup or an established business, attracts tons of legal compliance, regulatory rules, and financial scrutiny that are vital and absolutely critical.


In the US, for instance, startups should be aware of revenue recognition standards such as ASC 606, and digital payment compliance such as PCI-DSS for a successful listing. Since Oracle NetSuite has GRC capabilities (Governance, Risk, and Compliance), IPO-bound startups having NetSuite need not worry about these listing rules and legalities before the IPO.


With state of the art auditing platform, and automated tax filing feature as per Govt rules, startups can have that confidence with Oracle NetSuite, which no other ERP platform can provide.



Reason #2: Data Security & System Reliability


Oracle NetSuite promises world-class data security and reliability of the system and processes, unmatched anywhere else. Datacenters run by NetSuite are not only certified for PCI DSS and ISO 27001:2013, but they have also defined their Information Security Management System in accordance with NIST 800-53 and ISO 27000 series standards.


This translates to an iron-clad assurance of top-notch data safety, and a reliable, consistent platform for storing critical business data and processes.


For an IPO-bound startup, this is perhaps one of the most important reasons why they should consider Oracle NetSuite for managing and optimizing their business operations.


Reason #3: Interactive Reports For Investors


From an IPO-bound company, the investors seek transparency, truth, and confidence. And this is why Oracle NetSuite should be the top choice for startups and enterprises planning an IPO listing.


With Oracle NetSuite, businesses can create interactive and detailed reports on various metrics, including profitability, revenues, inventory position, human resource status, market sentiments, and more.


Once the prospective investors and Govt agencies are able to view these reports, then the confidence will automatically build-up, and the startup will have a positive image in front of them.


Creating such interactive and intelligent reports on Oracle NetSuite is literally a cakewalk, and this is why businesses trust and deploy this Cloud-based ERP for managing their businesses.


Now, it’s your turn.


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Monday, October 18, 2021

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