Methodology to Successfully Implement NetSuite Cloud ERP Remotely

Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt slowed down the world, especially the world of business and commerce. One of the biggest drawbacks has been that employees are not able to go to offices, and literally every task which was supposed to be done at offices has been suspended.

But thanks to technology, especially Cloud computing, we at Inspirria are unstoppable.

Being a premium and award-winning partner for implementing Oracle NetSuite, we have never stopped our work, and in these testing times of lockdown and slow down, we are optimally utilizing Cloud technology to deliver our products and services without any hiccups.

Infact, we are deploying Oracle NetSuite at our client’s locations, working remotely. And we are ensuring 100% quality and error-free implementation, even if we are not physically present at our client’s location. It’s business as usual here at Inspirria.

This is the magic of Cloud computing and Oracle NetSuite, which is the world's fastest-growing 100% Cloud-powered ERP platform.

Methodology To Remotely Implement Oracle NetSuite

Inspirria follows 5 phases of Oracle NetSuite implementation at our client’s location, and none of the actually needs on-site client visit. Every phase is accomplished remotely, using Cloud technology and Internet.

Phase 1: Analysis Of The Business

Assuming there is a client who is based in Dubai, and wish to deploy Oracle NetSuite for their retail business.

In the first phase, which is business analysis, our NetSuite consultants will share a set of questionnaires with the client, to understand their business operations. This is done remotely, and the questionnaires are shared via various file sharing tools.

Documentation of the analysis is approved by the client, and we move to phase 2.

Phase 2: Design & Configuration

Based on the documentation, our Consultants will design and configure a complete NetSuite system for the retail client. All the business operations, workflows, activities, forms and structure are mapped into the NetSuite and configured in a testing environment.

Once again, this is done remotely by our Consultants.

Phase 3: Validation

Once the configuration is completed, the NetSuite system is validated in two sub-phases, which is done remotely. Under sub-phase 1, which is called Classroom Pilot Session, our Consultants provide a walkthrough of the configured NetSuite system to the client, which is based on the approved documentation.

In the sub-phase 2, which is called User Acceptance Testing, the client is provided with the access of the NetSuite system, and asked to perform various business transactions and activities.

Both of these validation activities are done remotely, and based on the outcome, we move to the phase 4.

Phase 4: Deployment

Once the User Acceptance Testing is approved and documented, the testing environment of the NetSuite configuration is transferred to the production environment, and the client is provided with user access rights.

Once again, this deployment process happens remotely, via Cloud, without any need for physical presence onsite.

Phase 5: Optimization & Post-Live Support

The last phase is the optimization and post-live support provided by Inspirria, remotely. Our consultants are able to access the client’s NetSuite system remotely, and provide optimizations and support based on the client’s needs.

Cloud Technology Enabling Seamless Remote Implementation

Inspirria has been an evangelist and ambassador of Cloud technologies for more than 15 years, and there is a reason Oracle NetSuite has awarded us multiple times for providing cutting edge Cloud ERP solutions and implementation services.

Now, as the lockdown engulfed nation after nation, and slowed down the business, we use the same Cloud technology fundamentals to deliver our work, and enable safety for all our employees and clients.

Using remote working tools, and the power of Cloud computing, we are remotely implementing Oracle NetSuite, and delivering unprecedented results, which no one ever expected.

Implementation, and managed support, two of our pillars of services are operational in full vigor, for all of our global clients across the world.

If you wish to know more on how Inspirria is successfully deploying Oracle NetSuite remotely for our global clients, ask for a free assessment of your business right here.

Monday, June 1, 2020

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