NetSuite for E-commerce

NetSuite for E-commerce

NetSuite is a platform that will easily adapt and scale the unique buying and selling scenarios. It was built revolving on the concept that ecommerce cannot be a standalone channel but a really core business component. The SuiteCommerce also enables the business to move from the siloed online, in-store and the phone shopping channels to an easy solution on the integrated solution for commerce. This will help in connecting seamlessly with POS to order management, inventory, merchandising, financial, marketing, customer service.

It will also help in delivering a consistent, engaging and a personalized shopping experience on any devices. They will enable various channels for B2C and B2B for connecting seamlessly across various genres. It’s basically helps in the overall operation.

Features of NetSuite for E-commerce

1. Flexibility

It is highly flexible as it is fit for anyone who is involved in the ecommerce business. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

2. Fast and open web store front end

They are extremely fast and the web store front end solution which is richly enabled. Being fast is what always keeps the solution.

3. Highly personalized and engaging shopping experience

The customers would be delighted due to the high personalization and an engaged shopping experience that is being provided to them.

4. Convert and grow your business

The conversions that one can have in the business will help them to grow globally.

5. Supports pixel perfect design

As it is built upon a modern, scalable and extendable HTML and JavaScript architecture it supports a pixel perfect design.

6. Unlimited layout control

As it is built using the best of the architecture the user can have unlimited layout control across various devices.

7. Provide rich seamless commerce

It provides a rich user experience by providing a rich seamless commerce.

Benefits for e-commerce

1. Tie it directly to the operational business system with single based cloud platform.

It is directly connected to the operational business system. This makes the whole process interconnected with each other. This is also possible due to the single based cloud platform.

2. Relevant and personalized omnichannel

It is on your requirement as to how you would like to channel the complete process. The process is defined according to the business needs.

3. Delivering consistent brand experience

It represents a brand and the experience should be consistent. The customer should have a rich experience.

4. Optimized experience with responsive design

The design is responsive and compatible with all the devices. The experience should be an optimized for the customers.

5. Expanding the business

As it supports multiple languages, currencies, taxes/VAT, subsidiaries and international shipping prices and various custom documentations. With the help of all these factors you can sell globally.

6. Providing services to any type of customers

The customers may vary according to the needs that may have. SuiteCommerce is used for providing services to any type of customer that the business holds.

Why should you collaborate with Inspirria Cloudtech?

We at Inspirria Cloudtech, adhere to NetSuite’s proven NetSuite One methodology.

There are a myriad of reasons why you should partner with us. We have listed down a few key reasons like:

  • 1. We initiate as we understand all your objectives and deliver the functional scope
  • 2. We analyze your business needs and develop a project work-plan according to that
  • 3. We design with the help of Customization Solution Design & Integration Design as NetSuite addresses your business needs
  • 4. We configure the NetSuite’s solution in a way that it adapts to your business
  • 5. We validate the solution so that it is deployed easily
  • 6. We deploy the solution and your business is now powered with NetSuite
  • 7. We optimize, learn from the solution and move to the NetSuite support.

Do you have an ecommerce business and looking for a NetSuite Solution to streamline your business? We at Inspirria Cloudtech, are here to help you. You can take us as your secured cloud provider partner and NetSuite solutions with decade plus of experience working with 400+ Cloud projects. Push productivity to its optimum level with proven solutions, which is used by the best companies all over the world.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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