NetSuite Cloud Platform Is The Game Changer Your Business Needs For Long-Term Growth

NetSuite Cloud Platform

Oracle NetSuite has unleashed a Cloud-powered ERP revolution across the world: More and more startups, enterprises, corporations and SMEs are now able to streamline their operations, increase productivity and boost their revenues and profits.


Oracle NetSuite, which is a 100% TrueCloud ERP platform offers a host of modules, for optimizing and managing all aspects of a business, and ensuring that the management has full control and visibility across all verticals, from any location, with data and insights being accessible across all devices. 


Here are the 13 modules of Oracle NetSuite, that form the foundation of this Cloud ERP, and empower the businesses with unprecedented ROI:


1. Finance


Finance is considered one of the most important modules because it enables the businesses to have a crystal clear outlook of their current financial position, and their outlook for the future. 


2. Procurement


With the Procurement module, businesses are always ready to procure the exact raw materials needed, at the right time, with the right measure for manufacturing or trading them for ensuring the highest return on investment.


3. Manufacturing


Manufacturers are now able to optimally plan their production, get real-time insights on shipments, logistics, purchase orders, and even sell their products via multi-channel platforms for generating maximum revenues. 


4. Inventory Management


Oracle NetSuite has revolutionized inventory management by providing real-time insights on the incoming/outgoing inventory, tracking each and every item based on SKU, optimally managing inventory cost, and more.


5. Order Management


NetSuite is enabling businesses to manage their orders from receipt to delivery, thereby giving them a 360-degree view of the entire order management, reducing loss of items, and improving delivery time.


6. Warehouse Management


Manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers are now able to boost their ROI by optimally managing warehouse operations and labor costs. NetSuite now supports different picking strategies such as batch picking, wave picking and zone picking, and more.


7. Supply Chain Management


Businesses can now track each and every movement of goods, from sub-suppliers to suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to retailers or consumers, and handle the entire supply chain from any location or device.


8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Leveraging the power of Cloud ERP, NetSuite customers can now optimally manage their relationship with customers, understand their needs and pain points, and seamlessly integrate their sales and marketing process for higher conversions, and delightful customer relationships.


9. Professional Services Automation (Service Resource Management)


For service-based organizations handling multiple projects, Professional Services Automation provides huge benefits: real-time tracking of projects, managing resources, expenses, and timesheets, from one single platform.


10. Workforce Management


If a company relies on hour-based resources and projects, then the workforce management module can seamlessly optimize productivity and boost revenues by measuring employees' productivity and paychecks, based on the output.


11. Human Resources Management


A single, powerful platform for optimally managing all aspects of human resources: job roles, salary and leaves details, performance reviews, offer letters, PIP details, increment schedule, and more. A perfect CRM for employees.


12. Ecommerce


Businesses across all niches can now sell their products and services via highly advanced and functional ecommerce modules: Update catalogs based on the demand, change the look and feel of the design, incubate user-friendly features, integrate payments, and more.


13. Marketing Automation


With powerful marketing automation, businesses can now integrate SMS, email, web, mobile, social media, and other mediums into one single, scalable marketing platform and boost ROI on marketing expenses. 


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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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