Virtual Office Through Cloud

The cloud journey has immensely benefited organizations with virtual office. Until recent past a major challenge companies faced was deputing professionals remotely. Many professionals refute to work remotely due to a higher cost of living.

Cloud computing allows businesses to set up remote offices, enabling the employees to have access to the same tool and operate with the same level of efficacy like any other employee operating from a corporate office. Subsequently, many departments like finance prefer this collaboration with a cloud environment due to its mobility.

Mobility-A Cloud Advantage

Organizations attach indispensable importance to cloud for providing flexibility in their work environment. Unionwear, a USA based manufacturer and embroider of headwear, work wear, bags, safety gear and accessories, have primarily opted for cloud ERP since it allows its stakeholders to be on similar track. Manufacturing customized products, Unionwear desired for a cloud based platform that will permit to design products online and get real time cost advantage. Mitch Cahn, President Unionwear has successfully integrated this cloud function into their planning, procurement and production processes. The automation services delivered by the cloud based ERP platform transforms manufacturing into a mobile and lucrative experience for the clients.

Connecting Through Virtual office

The "virtual office" idea evolving since the 1990s seems to have become the latest trend in most industries.  An article by Neil Shah published in the Wall Street Journal entitled "More Americans Working Remotely" show some interesting statistics. In the year 1997 some 9.2 million people were working from home at least once a week. By the year 2010 the data increased close to some 13.4 million, a raise of about 46%. It was only the transportation and production department and the material people which recorded the least growth of about 21.8%. Undoubtedly, legacy ERP has been one of the vital reasons for this upsurge.

Though virtual office has contributed in reducing cost and boosting productivity it has not been free from criticisms. Debate still continues on the benefits of remote workforce. Some firms feel the productivity to be higher for remote employees while some other contradict this. The debate may be never ending but it is quite of a fact that cloud ERP has made it possible for firms to have remote workforce, which an on-premise legacy system lacks to provide.

Friday, April 18, 2014

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