4 Reasons Why Wholesale Distributors Should Choose NetSuite

NetSuite for Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale distribution is a business which encompasses several diversified aspects: Vendors, suppliers, customers, ecommerce, analytics, quality tests and more.

The maze becomes complex when the operations are spread all over the world, and country-specific taxes come into the picture, complicating the gamut beyond comprehension.

Typically, under a traditional business model, the wholesale distributor will need to use different tools and software for handling every one of these aspects, which consumes time and resources, and delays overall business growth.

NetSuite, world’s leading Cloud-based business solutions provider has studied and understood the problems faced by wholesale distributors, and have designed a comprehensive ERP and CRM module which takes care of every complication.

Using NetSuite, Wholesale distributors can seamlessly integrate various business processes into one unified business application, which means more productivity, and more revenues.

Here are 4 reasons why wholesale distributors should choose:

360 Degree View Of Your Whole Business

Your business can be spread across the globe, and your consignments can be moving in and moving out from multiple locations, at the same time. NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors empowers you to have a 360-degree view of your business, which translates to better control and flexibility. In real-time, you can track every individual order, return status, live warehouse statistics and more.

With NetSuite, you understand your business like never before and make intelligent decisions, based on hardcore data and facts.

One Unified Business Solution

Traditionally, wholesale distributors were required to use myriad tools and software for every business process: A different software for accounting, whereas a new tool for tracking vendors and suppliers. In some cases, different software for analytics and different one for tracking consignments.

NetSuite has eliminated these complications by providing a single, unified business solution which takes care of every one of these aspects, and provides a comprehensive and robust IT infrastructure, which is cost effective as well.

As per studies, wholesale distributors can increase their business insights and intelligence by upto 80%, once they start using NetSuite.

Simplified Country Specific Tax Calculation

Tax calculation is a messy affair for wholesale distributors: The origin of goods is some other country, and the delivery happens somewhere else.. In between, there are numerous taxes and duties which needs to be paid.

NetSuite’s latest update: NetSuite 2019.1 takes care of the complex tax issues, and relieves the wholesale distributors from these complications. NetSuite can automatically calculate VAT and Taxes for more than 100 countries, and the process is completely automated.

Ecommerce Fueling More Growth

B2B Ecommerce is the next big thing, and at this moment, it is no more a luxury, but a necessity. NetSuite empowers wholesale distributors with a solid ecommerce platform, which triggers omnichannel engagement for that extra push. Be it website, mobile, apps or desktop: Your customers and vendors can now connect with you, and do business with you seamlessly, without any delay.

These are just the glimpse of the awesome features which NetSuite brings on the table for Wholesale Distributors. Inspirria can help you with implementing NetSuite, and also consult you on how to use Cloud Computing for enhancing your business.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

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