NetSuite for Wholesale and Distribution: 5 Stunning Advantages For Enhanced Productivity

NetSuite for Wholesale and Distribution

Timing and precision are the two most important pillars for achieving consistent success in the wholesale and distribution business. 


If the shipment you are sending for a clothes retailer gets late and arrives after Christmas, then it means a loss in revenue. And if that shipment reaches a wrong address, then again, it translates to a loss in revenue, wastage of time.


For the traditional wholesalers, these unexpected losses were part of the daily routine, and they had learned to live with them.


But not anymore!


Oracle NetSuite has understood the inherent problems faced by wholesalers and distributors and has accordingly incorporated some stunning, powerful, and robust features in their Cloud ERP for ensuring maximum ROI, day after day.


We will share 5 such powerful features that wholesalers and distributors can experience and use, once they deploy Oracle NetSuite for streamlining their business operations.

Optimized Inventory Management


NetSuite for Wholesale and Distribution has laid special focus on the inventory management aspect of the business because that’s the heart and soul of this business. The top management can now have updated and real-time information about the inventory status, the incoming shipments, logistics of the outward shipping details, the items which are in high demand, and more. 


Armed with this information, wholesalers can track every shipment, ensure timely delivery of all their orders, and increase sales to ensure high profitability, besides keeping their customers and vendors happy.


Real-Time Insights For Smart Decision Making


Oracle NetSuite provides an easy to use, interactive dashboard that has real-time insights from all the business departments: The management can quickly have a glance at the dashboard, and get real-time insights about the financials, logistics, supply-demand balance, available inventory, sales, and purchase orders, payments and more. 


With such real-time insights, the managers and supervisors can quickly take critical business decisions, and ensure that they are on the right track. 


Omnichannel Sales For More Revenues


Traditionally, wholesalers and distributors were dependent on few channels for generating sales: It was either work of mouth or their own networking skills to get new orders and new customers. 


With Oracle Netsuite’s powerful ecommerce suite, wholesalers can now leverage the power of omnichannel sales streams and get new orders from ecommerce stores, telecalls, and even physical outlets. 


This ensures that the traditional wholesalers are not dependent only on a few modes of sales stream, and they can boost their revenues, 24*7, 12 months of the year. 


Warehouse Management Revolutionized


With new and improved warehouse management features incorporated in the Oracle NetSuite module for wholesalers and distributors, you can now expect more productivity and more results without any major investment. 


With features such as mobile RF barcode scanning, return authorization receipts and cycle count plans, task management tools and more, wholesalers can now reduce overheads, and cycle times, thereby enhancing productivity to a new level.


Advanced Financial Monitoring & Management


Oracle NetSuite has included some top of the class, advanced financial features for wholesalers and distributors, that ensure that every transaction is automatically recorded and every sales/purchase data is stored in the Cloud for getting a 360-degree view of the financial operations.

Wish to know more about the stunning benefits that Oracle NetSuite offers for wholesalers and distributors? Schedule a no-obligation consultation session with our NetSuite engineers, and explore the possibilities, right here!

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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