This Is How Oracle NetSuite Unleashes Digital Transformation & Automation

Digital transformation, along with automation, is not a one-off phenomenon, but a movement, a process towards enhancing and optimizing productivity and ROI of an organization, by leveraging technology.


With digital transformation and automation, a business fundamentally changes the way it operates, and more importantly, thinks. Organizations are leveraging the power of digital transformation to unleash more growth, streamline their operations and optimize their resources with a strong focus on ROI and productivity. 


Oracle NetSuite, which is right now the world’s fastest-growing Cloud-based ERP platform empowers businesses, startups, and organizations to unleash Digital Transformation, along with Automation and enables them to bring along a revolution in their overall output. 


Find out how Oracle NetSuite introduces a comprehensive Digital Transformation for any business:


A Single, Unified, Cloud-based Platform


True Cloud-powered Oracle NetSuite signifies the epitome of Digital Transformation, in a way that has stunned the business community across the globe. Instead of spending a huge fortune on managing and optimizing data servers, NetSuite provides the cushion of a single-unified Cloud-based platform that manages every aspect of information management and seamlessly provides updates, optimizations, and control. 


Financials and Accounting


Digital transformation touches core functionalities of finance and accounting for growth-centric startups, and empowers them to automate tons of critical tasks, thereby saving immense amounts of time and resources. With an automated core accounting process, real-time integration of banking operations, auto-posting journals, and matching transactions in real-time, digital transformation are successfully implemented by Oracle NetSuite for all businesses. 


Order Management


With stellar digital transformation capabilities such as automated order to cash process, handling incomplete orders based on pre-set criteria, fully customized sales order template, automated item fulfillment and invoice generation processes, order management for fast-track businesses are optimized and streamlined, thanks to digital transformation and automation services provided by Oracle NetSuite.


Inventory Management


With Oracle NetSuite, manufacturing and wholesale businesses can experience a digitally empowered inventory management process, that helps them not only save on expenses and wastages, but also enables them to have a real-time check on the inventory status, and automate orders and shipments without any hassles. 




Oracle NetSuite’s highly advanced Procurement module is an excellent example of how digital transformation is enabling more and more businesses to ensure seamless, error-free vendor management.


For example, companies can now digitally manage and automate purchase orders, access historical purchase orders, approve workflow for new orders, and more, via one single, comprehensive system that works in real-time and provides insights for optimized procurement: As per the market demand and necessity. 


Sales & Marketing / CRM


When it comes to sales and marketing along with customer relationship management, digital transformation unleashed by Oracle NetSuite is a game-changer strategy. Businesses can now align the sales campaign as per the market demand and needs, use highly advanced and intelligent frameworks to target, build, execute and measure marketing campaigns in real-time, and automate entire marketing campaigns to cover web, mobile, offline and online channels seamlessly. 

Ask Inspirria about how Oracle NetSuite is empowering businesses of all sizes with amazing Digital Transformation capabilities, and ensuring that they are able to leverage the power of automation, Cloud, and technology for inciting more growth and more profits.

Monday, April 11, 2022

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