Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Vs Other Cloud ERP’s: Find Out Why Your Business Needs Oracle NetSuite?

Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP vs Other Cloud ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP has now become a necessity, rather than a luxury. Be it manufacturing, healthcare, software, advertisement agencies or even non-profit organizations: ERP is the platform that can ensure consistent business growth, and seamless handling of your business processes.

When it comes to Cloud ERP platforms, then there exists only two options: Oracle NetSuite’s TrueCloud ERP, and other Cloud ERPs. Due to its robust features, and amazing flexibility, Oracle NetSuite is right now the world's fastest growing Cloud ERP solution, that is changing the rules of the businesses, globally.

Find out why your business needs Oracle NetSuite right now!

Powerful Features, Incredible Functionalities

One of the biggest advantages of Oracle NetSuite is it’s ability to integrate critical business processes from different verticals, and provide a comprehensive, centralised and robust platform, for making quick, insightful business decisions. 

Other ERP providers offer different, standalone products to manage different business verticals, which makes it tough for the management to make an informed business decision. 

But with Oracle NetSuite, it’s different. 

In a blink of an eye, Oracle NetSuite can quickly integrate data from multiple business verticales, and integrate them into a centralized database that is universally accessible, across all hardware. Aided with real-time metrics and advanced business intelligence, Oracle NetSuite enables the management to make smart business decisions, at the right time.

Besides, Oracle NetSuite offers incredible customization options, that makes it truly world class. Based on unique business requirements, you can mold and edit the functionalities, and even create new workflows, email management and productivity trackers that ensure maximum ROI for your investment.

When it comes to scaling and optimizing your business operations, then Oracle NetSuite provides the most powerful ERP platform, unmatched anywhere else.

Robust Reporting Features

Imagine you are into the business of financial planning and management, and within one glance of the dashboard, you are able to check out the financial positions of your portfolio, competitor’s next game plan and metrics of the global financial market. 

You can literally dominate your niche, and offer unbeatable services for your clients.

With Oracle NetSuite, this is no more a fantasy.

With state of the art reporting features, Oracle NetSuite enables you to create customized dashboards, which are populated with real-time data and insights coming in from all over the world. Be it supply chain, healthcare management, manufacturing or any business vertical; NetSuite offers cutting edge reporting data and business intelligence that no other ERP provider can claim to provide. 

With other ERP providers, you will either need expert coding skills to create such customized dashboards, or you won’t be having any customization options at all, and use the default templates and graphs to understand your own data.

In a way, Oracle NetSuite removes the limitations associated with customization of reports, and gives you more power and more options to extract the information the way you want.

Oracle NetSuite Is TrueCloud ERP Platform

All the above fabulous features of Oracle NetSuite is possible because of one strong reason: True Cloud.

Oracle NetSuite is a True Cloud ERP platform, that means that it incubates all the stunning features of True Cloud such as data consistency, platform independency, solid security features, automatic and quick updates and more.

With other ERP providers, one of the biggest challenges is the absence of TrueCloud features, that makes them obsolete and out of date with relevance to technology. While one major ERP provider only offers on-premise ERP that is hard to deploy and, another ERP provider has no option of auto-updates, and updating that ERP means shutting down your business for days and weeks.

But with TrueCloud powered Oracle NetSuite, you are not only getting hassle-free, auto-updates, but also easy, seamless deployment that doesn’t interrupt your ongoing business operations.

These powerful features of TrueCloud makes Oracle NetSuite unbeatable, and miles ahead of other Cloud ERP providers, when it comes to delivering real, hardcore results. 

Wish to know more about Oracle NetSuite, and why your business needs it right away?

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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