How Inspirria’s NetSuite HRMS Software Will Optimize HR Operations

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Employees are the most important and valuable assets for any organization, and this is the reason why the human resource department has a very critical role to play in the success and growth of any business.


If the employees are not motivated, inspired, and satisfied with the organization, then they will never be able to dedicate their 100%, and the overall productivity of the company will decline.


And this is not the way great companies are created and nurtured.


Inspirria, which is an authorized, and award-winning Implementation Partner for Oracle NetSuite has understood the problems faced by HR Departments, and this is the reason they have developed a customized, niche, and highly flexible Human Resource Management System or HRMS, built on the NetSuite framework.


Inspirria’s HRMS is a package of SuiteApps, that are NetSuite applications created based on their strict guidelines and regulations. 


Find out how the HRMS package of SuiteApps developed by Inspirria is optimizing HR operations of various organizations, across the world.


Advanced Automations As Per Company Policies


Implementing company policies for critical HR operations is one of the key tasks for the HR Department, and quite time-consuming as well.


What if these tasks can be automated?


Under their Human Resource Management System, Inspirria has developed the Leave Management System or LMS, which is a NetSuite approved SuiteApp that completely automates the leave approval and monitoring process, based on the company’s policies. 


Once the process is set and done, the HR Department can focus on other critical matters, and let the Leave Management System (LMS) manage the entire leave approval process, based on the set rules and company policies. 


Besides, LMS can be used to view the entire leaves of all the employees in real-time, find out if any critical resource is required for an ongoing project or not, and then accordingly allocate the leaves as and when needed.


LMS changes the way HR Departments operate by optimizing their productivity. 


Role-Based Functionalities


There are different hierarchies in any organization, and the HR department needs to assign roles, job functions, and tasks based on this hierarchy and authentication protocol. 


Traditionally, this is done manually, but when the volume of employees and their associated hierarchies grow, then it becomes a time-consuming process.


But with Inspirria’s robust HRMS package, this changes.


With the Leave Management System, the HR Department can assign specific roles such as manual approval of leaves only for some designated managers and no one else.


With such role-based usage rights and functionalities, organizations can not only impose the hierarchy rule but also keep critical data and information secured and safe, inducing an element of trust across all the operations.


With PayEdge, which is another NetSuite-approved SuiteApps developed by Inspirria under the HRMS package, the HR Department can assign roles and responsibilities of critical tasks such as salary distribution to the concerned departments like Finance/Accounting.


This way, only the authorized members of the Finance or Accounting department can release the salaries, and no one else can.

Taxation & Government Compliance 


Complying with Govt regulations and taxation rules is mandatory for every organization, and especially the HR and Payroll departments. And ensuring that all the tax rules and regulatory norms are followed consumes bandwidth and time.


With Inspirria’s powerful HRMS solution, this becomes a cakewalk.


For instance, with PayEdge, HR Departments can be assured of complying with all Govt regulations and tax rules related to salaries and incentives. NetSuite can automatically update new tax rules and compliances, and enable HR Departments to focus on their core operations.


Inspirria can assist you to deploy HRMS solutions for your HR Department via NetSuite-approved SuiteApps, and empower them to execute HR operations in a seamless, productive manner.

Schedule a no-obligation consulting session with our HRMS Expert today, and find out why hundreds of global businesses trust and believe in Inspirria.

Monday, October 25, 2021

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