3 Reasons Why Wholesale Distribution Is Now Optimised With NetSuite Release 2019.2

Imagine it’s a New Year eve, and the city’s most popular chicken joint runs out of.. Chicken.

Or the nation’s one of the most popular toys retailers fails to check the lead content in their toys, and as a result, millions of sold units are recalled.

No, these scenarios are not mere fiction. They are actual case studies, which happened due to lack of information about the supply chain.

Wholesalers need to be vigil, and alert when it comes to the exact status of their inventory and supply chain, and any failure to do so leads to business loss.

NetSuite has understood these practical problems faced by wholesalers, and have incorporated useful features in their latest NetSuite 2019.2 version. These new and updated features make wholesale business more optimised, and more productive.

Here are the reasons why:

Get Full Control Over Supply Chain, with 360 Degree View

NetSuite 2019.2 version provides a unique and useful feature called Supply Chain Tower, which provides one single view of the entire Supply Chain, for more control.

The management can get instant and timely alerts related with the critical supply chain issues, which requires immediate attention. This will help the management to become proactive in solving those issues, and ensure maximum productivity.

Besides, the new Supply Chain Tower provides pre-configured KPIs, a Predicted Risks feature, “What If” scenarios based on historical data, and A Commitment and Allocation Engine, for matching the supply with demand.

Wholesalers can now ensure on-time delivery of their products, and more importantly, right delivery to the right customer, at the right time.

Warehouse Management Simplified, Optimised

Now, managing inventory and updating the database becomes more simplified than ever, with NetSuite 2019.2 version.

No more manual updating of data and records.

With an updated NetSuite WMS mobile solution, wholesalers can implement seamless single-order picking, multi-order picking and a pick recommendation engine for enhanced picking capabilities.

Processing of orders becomes faster, as the system now supports 10,000 order lines per day per picking location.

The entire UI and UX of WMS screen has been enhanced, making it easier than ever to upload data, and share with the concerned teams, without any hassles. The new simpler UI requires absolutely no coding.

Advanced Manufacturing features too have been improvised, with the introduction of Production Unit of Measure (UoM). With UoM, the shop floor staff need not manually convert the units for reporting, as it happens automatically now.

Wholesale Becomes Realtime Action Now

With the combination of new, and enhanced features of Supply Chain, and Warehouse Management, wholesale business takes a new leap of innovation and real-time action.

The coordination between the warehouse and logistics becomes faster, and without any hiccups. The data update becomes automated and easy, and the management now has a 360 degree view of the entire business operation.

Using these strategic data and information, the wholesalers are now empowered to take decisions in run time, as the action happens, live.

We at Inspirria can help your business to adapt NetSuite 2019.2 version quickly and without causing major disruption to your regular operations.

Contact us right away, to know how..

Friday, December 6, 2019

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