Oracle NetSuite Offers Complete Lifecycle Management For Media Companies

Media can be termed as one of the most dynamic, and fast-changing industries of modern times: The infusion of digital with the traditional creates chaos all around, and media agencies and companies are bravely and diligently trying to create order within this chaos.

The problem is managing the lifecycle of a media project, via a single lifecycle management platform, which was clearly absent till NetSuite understood the problem, and devised a robust Cloud-based solution.

But first, what is the problem here?

The Dynamics Of Media Industry: The Problem

Right now, media industry is being managed by a myriad of different standalone software and tools, which slows down the project management aspects, and consumes resources, which otherwise can be utilized in other core business operations.

For example, the statistics from advertisements being run digitally have to be captured by a business suite, which also calculates revenues being generated, in real-time.

Total spending on an advertising campaign has to be matched with the client’s budget allocation and synchronized with analytics for a better understanding.

Viewership data scrambled on spreadsheets need to be in-sync with data coming in from live tracking of pixels in the ads, for a better understanding of the ROI.

Sales data and plans have to be coordinated with resources available for smooth project completion.

If these and more crucial aspects are fragmented, and divided among various standalone tools and software, then lifecycle management of a project becomes a herculean task.

But not anymore, with Oracle NetSuite.

NetSuite: One Unified Lifecycle Management Platform For Media Firms

Understanding and analyzing the problems faced by the media industry, Oracle NetSuite has devised a specific module for media companies, which offers the benefits of single, unified lifecycle management, which changes everything.

Some core USPs of this platform:

Now companies can execute sales campaigns right within the system, and seamlessly measure the results as they come, in real-time.

Both the aspects of sales can be now managed via one single platform: for example, selling insertion orders to clients, and subscriptions of readership.

 Via fulfillment and verification data, management can now track each and every advertisement from insertion order, which eliminates redundancy, and creates order

Invoices can be generated automatically, as per customized billing schedule

Subscription contracts and renewals can be proactively managed, for better revenues. Your subscribers can be informed in advance, about the expiry of their subscription, and can be alerted via SMS and emails, all in auto-pilot mode.

Advertisement platforms such as DoubleClick, OpenAds, and others can be now automatically integrated with the core ERP system, for real-time tracking of views, clicks, and revenues. This translates to optimal ROI tracking.

And the best part: Workflow and financials are linked with these data, which provides a clear-cut picture of overall project health to the management.

Not only this, but media firms can also manage their employees’ data along with this, allocate projects based on availability, and handle complex tax-related issues as well.

Contact Inspirria today, and find out how one single unified project management platform in Oracle NetSuite is transforming the media industry, forever.

Friday, January 10, 2020

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