4 Critical Advantages Of Integrating NetSuite ERP With Salesforce CRM

NetSuite Salesforce Integration

When it comes to Cloud-based ERP, then Oracle NetSuite is miles ahead of its competitors, providing some advanced, fascinating features for running business operations effectively, and efficiently. 


This is the reason why NetSuite is right now the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP, and benefitting thousands of global businesses with their Cloud-based features for optimizing production, sales, ecommerce, workflow, budgeting, and more.


On the other hand, Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform that has caused ripples across the business hemisphere with its advanced solutions for marketing, customer relationship management, customer service, and more.


What if we can integrate these two great platforms, and reap the benefits of both, via one single comprehensive system?


It sounds like a win-win situation for small, medium and big scale businesses since they can now utilize both ERP features of NetSuite, and CRM features of Salesforce to trigger more revenues, more productivity, and more profits.


This is the reason why Oracle NetSuite provides an option to integrate Salesforce into their Cloud ERP for seamless business optimization.


Here are 4 critical advantages of integrating Salesforce with Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP, which you should be aware of:


Data Management With Amazing Accuracy


Both Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite are based on Cloud technologies, and once integrated, then both of these platforms will provide a robust and accurate data management solution for the businesses, geared towards more productivity and more ROI. 


Once this integration is successful, the sales and marketing data can be aligned with customer data, thereby providing more ammunition and fire to the management for making the right decisions, at the right time. 


For example, if you are aware that a particular segment of customers is consistently ordering a huge volume of your products around Christmas and New year, then you can launch powerful marketing campaigns for that demographic, amplifying and scaling up sales volume, without much investment. 


Boost To Process Automation


With a more refined and data-centric approach to process automation, your business can not only save money on redundant and mundane tasks, but also boost revenues, and ROI without burning a hole in the pocket. 


And the integration of Salesforce and NetSuite allows this to happen, surprisingly easily and seamlessly.


For example, based on your customer relationship data and information, a shoe retailer can automate their ordering process from their vendors, schedule at a particular time and season, and accelerate sales right away. Similarly, invoicing, billing, taxes, customer services, and more operations can seamlessly be automated for achieving more productivity and ROI.


Effective Decision-Making With 360-Degree View Of Business


After integrating Salesforce with NetSuite, the top management, along with different departments can get a 360-degree view of the business operations, and this translates to more effective business decisions: Timely, accurate, and ROI-centric.


For example, if the Sales Managers have the exact status of the inventory and production, along with financial predictions for the quarter, then they can unleash innovative sales campaigns, allocate the right resources at the right marketing channels, and increase their revenues on a consistent basis. 


Enhanced Productivity & ROI


As a result of the Salesforce integration with Oracle NetSuite, the business will be able to enhance their overall productivity and boost their ROI over a long period of time. 


Armed with real-time information about leads, sales, financials, human resources, and budgetary predictions, the management will take less time to make critical decisions, and manage their resources in an optimized manner. You can not only maximize selling time but also add next-gen sales intelligence for maximum impact. 


If you are looking for a trusted partner for integrating Salesforce with Oracle NetSuite, then we at Inspirria can help you. 


We have more than 16 years of experience in providing cutting-edge Cloud solutions to hundreds of global businesses, and we can understand your unique requirements, and accordingly devise a feasible solution, that ensures great results.

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Monday, January 10, 2022

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