What is Oracle NetSuite and How It Works?

Oracle NetSuite is the world's fastest-growing True Cloud-based ERP platform that has triggered a Cloud-based Business revolution among global enterprises. 

With a large number of fast-growing global businesses using Oracle NetSuite, more and more organizations are now adopting the fascinating world of Oracle NetSuite ERP, and empowering their employees, business processes, and their core team with never seen before flexibility and features.

So, what exactly are the core features of NetSuite, and more importantly, how it works?

Core Features of Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite was founded in 1998 with a very strong focus on Cloud-based computing, and this is the reason that today, NetSuite is known as the Cloud ERP champion, with Cloud being the foundation of the ERP platform.

Oracle acquired NetSuite in 2016, one of the biggest tech acquisitions of the time, and after that, NetSuite became even more powerful with stunning technology-fuelled business features perfectly complimenting the flexibility and scalability of Cloud computing. 

Some of the core features of Oracle NetSuite are:

Complete Business Management Platform

The foundation of Oracle NetSuite is based on decades of experience in optimizing and handling businesses. With Oracle NetSuite, any business can get a one-stop solution for managing critical business processes such as finance, inventory, supply chain, orders and procurement, project management and more. For more specific needs, businesses can deploy additional modules such as Human Resource, CRM, Payroll Management, and more.

Inspirria, which is an award-winning NetSuite deployment partner has created such add-ons called SuiteApps, that can be deployed along with NetSuite, and further, enhance the overall functionality of the ERP.

True Cloud-Based ERP

Oracle NetSuite is the world’s most powerful and feature-rich ‘True Cloud’ ERP platform, that is based on core fundamentals of Cloud, and empowers its users with some fascinating features and capabilities. For instance, updating the ERP platform is a piece of cake, with zero disruption to the business operations. In hybrid Cloud-based ERP and on-premise ERP, such updates can take weeks, and completely disrupt existing business processes.

Centralized data access, data integrity, single-Cloud version for all users, etc are some of the powerful features of True Cloud that NetSuite incorporates.

Single, Unified View Of The Business

Oracle NetSuite provides a single, unified view of the entire business operations, via one single platform, and this is one of the most powerful and useful features of this ERP. 

With a few clicks, any authorized personnel can have a complete overview of critical business operations such as supply chain, finance, order and inventory, procurement, and others, and thus, be aware of the exact business position and status without spending much time.

How NetSuite Works?

Oracle NetSuite is infact a True Cloud-based SaaS platform, wherein the entire ERP is delivered via Cloud and accessed by the users via browsers.

Since Cloud is the foundation, every user on NetSuite is accessing the same version of the platform, and the updates can happen at the same time, for all the users in the backend. Every user has their own set of data, stored separately, and this means more security and data integrity. 

Only authorized personnel are allowed access to the data, and the management can easily restrict data access based on the approvals and access rights. Since NetSuite is based on Cloud, there is no on-premise software, and the entire ERP can be accessed via any gadget, from anywhere in the world. 

If you are seeking a reliable and dependable partner for deploying Oracle NetSuite for your organization, then we at Inspirria can help you right away. We are an award-winning Oracle NetSuite Implementation Partner, with more than 16 years of experience in deploying Cloud computing infrastructure for hundreds of global businesses across the world.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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