Why 'Built for NetSuite Badge' is Important?


“Will the solution provider’s application function as desired?” – is a question that plagues most organizations when they work with third party developers. The ‘Built for NetSuite’ (BFN) initiative, started by NetSuite, aims to address this concern by reinforcing focus on quality and standards. The BFN badge certifies that the SuiteApps, built by third party developers in the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), meet the SuiteCloud platform's architecture, development, security and privacy standards, as well as documented best practices. The goal is to ensure that NetSuite delivers the quality and reliability its customers expect from a top-notch solution.
SuiteApps help customers upgrade their NetSuite platform for specific features and functionalities required to fulfill business-specific needs. These may range from compressing operational costs and improving internal efficiencies to opening up new revenue streams.

Types of BFN badges

Based on the category of solution the SuiteApp is built for, NetSuite introduced three types of BFN badges in the 2015.2 BFN review cycle:


The solution is completely internally hosted on the SuiteCloud platform, with all components within the scope of BFN review. The SuiteBuilder is used to deploy the SuiteApp on to the customers’ accounts using native solutions.
Inspirria Native SuiteApps are Payedge , ServiceEdge , Inspirria Indian Taxation and Leave Management System .


This is a separate solution that resides outside the SuiteCloud platform and its data is integrated to NetSuite via connectors or a custom integrator. The scope of BFN review in such solutions is limited only to the integrated components.


These are separate solutions that incorporate a mix of the above two approaches – comprising native as well as externally hosted components that are integrated to NetSuite via connectors. The scope of BFN review in hybrid solutions extends to native solutions as well as components that are integrated.

BFN badge – The gold standard for development quality and peace of mind

The BFN review process is a rigorous one - all SDN partners are required to submit each of their developed SuiteApps for review - prior to launching their applications in the market. NetSuite verifies every SDN partner’s BFN questionnaire, references, and their demo submission for completeness and appropriateness before issuing the BFN badge, which is renewed for every NetSuite product release cycle semi-annually. What’s more –the BFN approval may be revoked at any time if the solution is found to be lagging in quality or is non-compliant with any of the BFN standards.

What’s the best way to deploy BFN certified solutions?

While BFN certified solutions are built with utmost attention to quality, deploying them with the same rigor is equally important to ensuring superior outcomes. An experienced SDN partner can accelerate turnaround while ensuring complete reliability and functionality of BFN certified apps. The BFN program also provides educational support to SDN partners through principles and guidelines published in the ‘SuiteApp Architectural Fundamentals and Examples’ (SAFE) manual. Such a partner will not only bring a wealth of knowledge on best practices but also real world experience in deploying BFN solutions – a big differentiator for businesses looking to gain competitive advantage.

Inspirria is a leading SDN partner providing comprehensive BFN solutions that include Inspirria India Taxation, PayEdge, ServiceEdge, and Leave Management System . As a leading NetSuite Partner, we have the requisite expertise, industry knowledge, and wealth of best practices to ensure a superior NetSuite experience for clients.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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