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NetSuite Shift Rostering Module - Inspirria Cloudtech

If staff and their scheduling is in sync with business needs, you can maximise resources and improve operational efficiency. This automatically means higher profits.
And that is reason enough to invest in an efficient rostering tool. The tool can draw up a good roster plan ensuring that all shifts are well laid out to support smooth functioning of the business. What we mean by a good plan is a plan that prevents overuse of employees and at the same time eliminates leaks that may arise due to wasted time and resources. With the help of the published plan and captured data, rostering software has the ability to identify underperformers and any lacking areas such as fitment/skill/training, if any.
Here’s what you get with the industry-leading NetSuite rostering tool - you can simplify scheduling through 5 simple and self-explanatory steps.

1. Add employees
2. Setup position and role
3. Define shift blocks
4. Roster employees
5. Notify employees

Once this is done, you can navigate the tool with ease.

  • Manage employees’ schedules by getting the right people to the right location via email or SMS or notifications.
  • Manage budgets and track costs with a view into daily utilization rates and associated expense.
  • Manage employee schedules with a single unified calendar that can provide daily, weekly and monthly views. You can see employee coverage for any given day and improve communication between scheduling teams and the employees.
  • You can also manage availability and overlap issues through instant access to information about non-availability and double-scheduling.

There are many other features that make this tool compelling for businesses

  • Vacation requests can be approved with quick checks on unavailability and leave balance
  • Resources can be swiftly allocated in scenarios like shift swapping.
  • Calendar can be accessed anytime and anywhere - easily add shifts and derive the most important staffing cost instantly
  • Employees can become aware of upcoming shifts through SMS/email

Optimized staff schedules can provide enormous benefits, but require careful implementation of systems. Also we should keep in mind that each industry sector has different sets of issues that require adequate attention. Choice of software for an organization should be based on the underlying rostering process, demand modelling that it supports and scheduling methods provided.
With the NetSuite rostering tool, an organization becomes prepared to meet customer demands in a cost effective manner while satisfying requirements such as flexible workplace agreements, shift equity, staff preferences, and part-time work.
In terms of applicability, rostering is widely used in banking and financial services for assigning tellers and back office staff. It is also used in call centers where multiple shifts are common. In the hospitality industry, staff scheduling forms a significant proportion of overall costs and a rostering tool can be very beneficial- for instance, the roster plan guarantees optimal use of the staff and improve efficiency. In manufacturing, rostering can solve a critical problem associated with the balance between demand and supply and help decide the related manpower requirements for each production period. In Healthcare, the major rostering focus in health systems has been in nurse scheduling, usually in acute care hospital wards.
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Friday, July 13, 2018

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