Light HR Solution From Inspirria Helps You Understand & Manage Your Employees Better

The most burning questions today in the world of corporate is: Why does an employee leave? How to understand the employee, and inspire him or her to give their best?


There are several theories going around these questions, and everyone has their own version of the truth, which they believe in. But one common reason which binds all these theories is that the employee quits when they are not motivated enough to work in an organization.


Money can or cannot be the reason for demotivation, but certainly, there are other crucial reasons as well.


Cloud computing pioneer Inspirria has understood the common problems which negatively affects the HR operations of an organization, and has designed a Netsuite-based tool called Light HR Solutions.


The biggest advantage of Light HR Solution is that using data and information, your HR department can understand your employees better, and this means that they can keep the employees inspired and motivated for a longer duration of time.


Happy employees translate to high productivity and less attrition.


Understand Your Employees Better


With Light HR Solution, your organization can maintain a centralized employee database, which enlists vital details like date of joining, date of the appraisal, major milestones in their professional journey, projects allocated, key achievements and more.


Tax-related information of the employees, especially in the case of multi-country operations is an value add-on. Maintaining Govt. IDs and other identification protocols can be now managed centrally, thereby creating a seamless experience for management and HR.


Such a centralized database is vital to make important decisions and to understand the problems faced by the employees.


Streamline Key HR Functions


Light HR Solution is based on the framework provided by NetSuite and encompasses all the critical functionalities which are required by the HR department of a company. You can now automate leave application and approval process;  set the benchmarks for performance, simplify the appraisal process and more.


Using data as the catalyst, the management can now set automated alerts for the recruitment process and allocate budget for hiring based on the actual needs and business objectives.


The employees can be assigned usage rights, based on the hierarchy, and allow them to access key organization’s data and presentations, for better work output. The platform also assists HR in allocating shifts and creating rosters for the smooth functioning of the organization.


Optimize Your Resources By Optimal Management


Light HR Solutions from Inspirria handles the payroll and performance management operations of the organization, which translates into optimized finances of the company.


The finances can be allocated to the right cause, at the right time, for the right employees, which saves time and resources of the organization. Salaries and crucial payments can be released in time, which removes unnecessary hurdles in the HR operations.


The issue of multi-jurisdiction taxes, benefits and deductions based on the corporate laws are taken care of seamlessly by the Light HR Solutions platform, thereby ensuring that the organization complies with all the corporate regulations and laws.


To know more about Light HR Solutions, and how Inspirria can help your HR Department, Contact Us here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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