Find Out How NetSuite POS Integration Empowers Restaurants & Retailers With Stunning Features

Traditionally, the PoS or Point of Sale system was designed to fulfill just two objectives: Complete the sales transaction and receive the payment from the customer, right at the billing counter.


But now, things are changing fast.


The role and relevance of PoS or Point of Sale systems are transforming at a dynamic pace, and if you are into a retail business, then you should be aware of these changes. 


Because if you don’t leverage the power and capabilities of modern-day, Cloud-based omnichannel PoS systems, then you will be missing the opportunity to delight your customers and increase your revenues.


NetSuite PoS integration is like that magic bullet, which will empower your retail business to understand your customers in a better way, offer them the services/product they need, at the right time and location, and thus generate more revenues with minimum efforts. 


To start with, we will discuss some stunning features of NetSuite-powered PoS integration, and then we will showcase a live case study on how Inspirria empowered retail businesses to leverage the power of technology for optimizing and streamlining their operations with a highly advanced and integrated PoS system.


Top 3 Features Of NetSuite POS Integration

- Omni-channel PoS System: With the NetSuite PoS system, retailers provide an integrated, omnichannel shopping experience for the customers, which includes both online and in-store shopping capabilities. For example, a customer visits a website to buy a pair of shoes, but couldn’t complete the order because her size was not available. Next day she visits the store outlet and is immediately presented with the shoes she needs. Such an omnichannel shopping experience is possible with NetSuite PoS integration.

- Unified Commerce: With NetSuite PoS integration, retailers can leverage the power of Cloud computing which offers a centralized database of inventory, sales, orders, customer info and more. With one single version of truth, there is more transparency, the management is able to get deep insights about the current sales and inventory status, and is able to make the right decision, at the right time.

- Real-Time Sales: With NetSuite PoS integration, salesmen inside the stores can ensure endless aisle for the customers, with real-time information about the products, customers’ preferences, and their past interactions. This means that the customers are offered unlimited choices, based on their shopping preferences and past history. A win-win situation for both retailers and customers.


Case Study: How Inspirria Empowered Restaurant Chain With NetSuite PoS Integration


 A leading restaurant chain in the Middle East was stuck with a traditional PoS system, which was stand-alone, and programmed to only receive information individually, with no data processing and business intelligence capability.


Our PoS Experts at Inspirria understood the problem and deployed Oracle NetSuite-based PoS integration, which enabled them to:

- Enter procurement data directly into NetSuite via PoS system, and get real-time information about inventory

- Enter sales data directly into NetSuite via PoS system, which can be analyzed and monitored in real-time

- Integrate all critical business functionalities, feed banking-related data into NetSuite, and streamline their entire business operations.

- Revenue tracking in real-time

NetSuite PoS Integration can be a game-changer for retailers, with highly advanced, Cloud based solutions for ensuring unstoppable growth. Consult with Inspirria to find out how we can empower your business with NetSuite PoS integration and transform your retail business.

Friday, October 21, 2022

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