Oracle NetSuite Order Management Empowers Businesses To Boost Profits: Find Out How?

NetSuite Order Management

What Is Order Management?


It’s the critical business process of tracking and monitoring orders, processes, and human resources required to fulfill those orders, and handling the vendor/customer data pertaining to those orders. 


Why Order Management Is Important?


Without an optimal and streamlined order management process, any business which relies on orders will crumble and disintegrate. In the absence of proper order management, the management can incur massive losses, not only in terms of monetary value but also in brand reputation and goodwill.


In short, order management is that thread that binds together the business operations.


Order management incubates processes right from receiving the order to processing it, delivering it, and tracking its shipment. Even if one element of this chain goes rogue, it can directly impact the bottom line of the business. 


Understanding the importance and relevance of Order Management, Oracle NetSuite has created a powerful module called NetSuite Order Management, which is empowering thousands of businesses to optimally manage, monitor, and track their orders. 


Efficient Order Management Can Help To Boost Profits?


Yes, definitely. 


In our experience of implementing Oracle NetSuite for hundreds of businesses, we have observed that the Order Management module has directly impacted the revenues and profits, and helped them to reduce losses.


Let’s find out how?


Benefits Of Oracle NetSuite Order Management Module


Automate Order Management


With the Oracle NetSuite Order Management module, businesses can automate the entire, end-to-end order lifecycle, and keep track of all the activities and processes via a single platform. Be it order capture & validation, order release, confirmation of shipping, communicating with the customers, issuing alerts, and more, everything can be handled with NetSuite Order Management. 


Real-Time Inventory Management


With Oracle NetSuite Order Management, management of the inventory becomes a cakewalk, as it offers highly advanced and real-time features seldom seen among ERP platforms. 


With a single source of truth related to inventory status, warehouse status, shipment of individual SKUs, and more, NetSuite Order Management can manage commitments and Available To-Promise (ATP) inventory accurately, across multiple locations. 


Endless Aisle For Customers


Retail businesses can take advantage of the powerful features offered by Oracle NetSuite Order Management, and provide endless aisles to the consumers, thereby ensuring higher sales and more revenues. 


With a fully automated drop-ship feature, retailers can expand their footprint and reach, without any further investments into warehouse or inventory, and be in sync with the suppliers and vendors to make sure that the customers are able to get what they want, and when they want.


Other impactful features offered by NetSuite Order Management include customer support, returns and refunds/exchanges, fulfillment execution, and more. 


Consult with Inspirria - an Award Winning Oracle NetSuite Implementation Partner to find out how Order Management module is empowering businesses all across the globe, and how you can take advantage of this powerful module to boost your profits.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

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