4 Ways G-Suite Addresses Common Challenges Faced by IT Leaders

Maintaining company resources, managing software and hardware issues while ensuring compliance and IT efficiency is becoming a growing concern for IT leaders. In addition to tackling growing number of data breaches, businesses are under relentless pressure to protect their data and their end-users from phishing and virus attacks. This is why leading companies across verticals such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing are increasingly turning to GSuite to enhance their messaging, storage, and collaboration functions. GSuite not only helps businesses enhance data shareability and reliability but also offers more convenient ways to serve customers. The result: improved customer experience, enhanced business efficiency and reduced costs.
Here are 4 ways GSuite can help you take your business to next level by addressing some common IT challenges:

#1 Clear account ownership:

Email ownership is critical to ensure data security. Leveraging GSuite admin capabilities, companies can establish full ownership of employees’ emails, Google docs, slides and sheets. The cloud-back up service also enables employees to save all their data in the Google drive. This provides enhanced flexibility to organizations to access employee’s files in case he or she leaves the organization. In addition, GSuite provides a great way to share documents quickly and easily between employees and route emails to multiple email addresses or a customer service system such as Salesforce.

#2 Enhanced storage:

GSuite’s unlimited storage feature is included in the enterprise version and provides anywhere, anytime access, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced time to completion. Through centralized administration, organizations can easily view storage quota usage, manage users, and meet data compliance needs. In addition, by leveraging optical character recognition and natural language search Google Drive helps identify files that need to be accessed, significantly reducing time to search.

#3 Enterprise-level security:

Leveraging industry-leading knowledge and expertise, GSuite is designed to meet stringent privacy and security standards. Not only does it offer enterprise control over system configuration and application settings but it also helps streamline authentication, asset control and operational control. In addition, through strong contractual commitment for data ownership, data use and security, it helps businesses ensure compliance and fulfill their reporting needs.

#4 Superior collaboration:

Multiple team workers can work on the same file at the same time and switch from one document to another in real-time. The built-in chat feature enables users to communicate and ask questions by including comments. The ‘unlimited revision’ feature helps track changes and undo any previous action - simply by choosing it. This helps expedite tasks, reduce downtime and enhance decision-making.
In today’s hypercompetitive environment, teamwork is critical for success. Companies that fail to adopt modern work practices and technologies not only risk team productivity but also employee engagement. A real-time communication and collaboration tool such as GSuite is a great way to create a happier, more skilled and involved workforce. The upside of this for organizations is they get projects done faster and drive the business forward with informed and sound decisions. Taking advantage of a dedicated Google partner can help businesses seamlessly implement GSuite and evaluate the best of its messaging and collaboration tools for driving business growth.
Inspirria is a leading Google partner helping companies seamlessly deploy GSuite by Google cloud. With more than 14 years of experience in cloud, we leverage data-driven strategic cloud assessment capabilities to help companies create the workplace of the future to drive improved collaboration and innovation.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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