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NetSuite Suite for Field Service Management - ServiceEdge

On-time quality delivery and after service are two important reasons that customers will stick. That directly translates into providing a 360-degree view into service and maintenance operations. Service/maintenance operations ensure services are being delivered as per SLA. At a high-level, it includes monitoring services, resolving incidents, fulfilling requests and operational tasks. For seamless functioning against all these tasks, there are two important aspects - everyday activity that needs to be tracked and robust infrastructure to be used for delivery. It’s no wonder that from a customer point of view, Service Operations is where actual value is seen.
A well-conceived business management solution can support this kind of visibility and facilitate complete control of customer data to auto generate contracts and jobs. ServiceEdge is an industry-leading service operations tool suite in this exact space. Entirely build on NetSuite,

  • On one hand, it leverages ERP data like inventory, invoices and sales orders to service contracts and on the other
  • uses customer, item and employee data to reduce costs.

Now, let’s break ServiceEdge down by the core functionality:

Customer Experience

As said earlier, ServiceEdge provides automated controls and visibility. Once engaged, it helps check the end-to-end view of customer interactions and such a perspective can determine what truly matters to customers and how clients can improve those interactions.

Field Service

ServiceEdge can establish and enhance after-sales service that covers the installation, maintenance, and repair of services and delivery of parts through the entire lifecycle of a product or service.

Inventory Control

ServiceEdge can track inventory with details of repair status, new inventory and order information. This helps adequately supply customers based on clarity of data that is available on a perpetual basis.

Warranty Management

With ServiceEdge, the administration of terms and contracts is automated. Operationally, it provides real-time validation against existing serial numbers, and instant response to customers indicating success or failure due to invalid serial number or duplicate entry. Warranty information is very crucial as it provides “real” failure data, which is critical for future design and development.

Data Access and Analysis

ServiceEdge can auto-generate contracts and cases while maintaining the complete customer equipment database and the history of the equipment to analyse performance and profitability.

Contract Renewal

ServiceEdge can notify you before the waranty / AMC end date for particular client ,creating opportunities for recurring business and achieve customer loyalty.

Track the entire lifecycle:

ServiceEdge enables tracking of end to end MIF life cycle of machine from Purchase order, sales order, manufacture , warranty contracts with that machine to scrapped items. etc.

With such compelling features, ServiceEdge is ahead of competition and is helping clients transform their service operations beyond expectations, while achieving cost and profitability goals. A tight engagement with clients’ entire organization and across hierarchy is setting the pace for continuous improvement.

ServiceEdge is a ‘built for NetSuite’ Native SuiteApp from Inspirria Cloudtech for Service Management. Inspirria is a leading NetSuite implementation partner offering end-to-end implementation services and support to cater to the dynamic growth requirements of organizations. With more than 14 years of experience in cloud technologies and over 500 clients around the world, we have helped businesses maximize efficiency and visibility for rapid and agile growth.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

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