This Is Why Your Business Needs NetSuite Inbound Shipment Management Solution

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Inbound shipment has already been a tricky affair for manufacturers and producers, all over the world. Since manufacturers are solely dependent on the suppliers and vendors for inbound shipment, often, they feel that they are losing control.

Issues such as real time tracking of the shipment, quality checks, congestion at the port, increased uploading costs etc can wreak havoc for the production unit, and the operations suffer.

Moreover, due to lack of transparency, the relationship between the manufacturer and the supplier/vendor can also deteriorate, leading to unhealthy working conditions.

NetSuite has understood this problem, and using their extensive knowledge of business and domain expertise, they have developed a robust module called Inbound Shipment Management Solution, which takes care of every aspect related with inbound shipment, and streamlines the whole process.

Three reasons why your business needs NetSuite’s Inbound Shipment Management:

Purchase Order Receiving Simplified

NetSuite effectively handles the Purchase Order Receiving process for the manufacturer, so that there are no pending orders, and there are no delays.

For instance, there are color-based highlights in the workflows and reminders, which quickly informs the manager about overdue or pending orders. And in case there are any such order, then the manager can instantly find out the contact details of the primary contact, and sort out the delay.

This saves time and resources and creates a smooth inbound shipment process for the organization.

Robust Quality Checks

Often quality tests and checks are sacrificed for inbound shipment, due to lack of a defined process, and due to negligence of the supplier/vendor.

This stops with NetSuite, as their Inbound Shipment Management module offers a robust quality parameters check for every order and shipment. The management can set control limits and acceptance criteria, and link them specifically for every product.

In case NetSuite’s algorithm finds any discrepancy, the product is not only tagged and flagged, but also can be returned to the vendor in extreme cases.

This way, your organization can maintain quality, and ensure that every incoming product matches the quality checks.

Real Time Tracking Of The Containers

One of the strongest and most beneficial features of NetSuite’s Inbound Shipment Management Solution is the real time tracking of containers, as and when required.

As the shipment is dispatched from the supplier/vendor, you can track the containers on your mobile or computer/tablet.

This can be done after the Container Record has been created: Use the Add PO Button to find out all the Open Purchase orders, and then seamlessly track the orders.

Via real time tracking, your business will have specific information about the arrival of the shipment, and this also helps in estimating landing costs.

Since NetSuite is Cloud based, all the information related with the shipment can be accessed via mobile and tablet, besides computer and laptop, for easy mobility and fast information gathering.

We at Inspirria can assist you in deploying NetSuite for Inbound Shipment. With more than 15 years experience in Cloud technologies, we have the required expertise and knowledge to consult you about NetSuite, and how it can transform any business.

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Friday, September 20, 2019

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