Why Cloud-based Leave Management Systems are the future of work


Gone are the days when leave management systems were deployed as an afterthought. As operational efficiency and business process transformation emerge as top enablers of bottom-line growth, online leave management systems are proving to be a great asset for organizations. They help streamline workflows, improve transparency, and ensure seamless continuity. As the world of work becomes increasingly mobile, a significant shift is emerging in the leave management space - increasingly these systems are moving to the cloud. Let’s deep dive into how cloud-based leave management systems can help you drive better resource management and productivity.

Why move your leave management system to the cloud?

Isn’t automating leave management processes enough to drive efficiency? While this is a commonly asked question, the answer is a definitive ‘no’ -not in today’s mobility-driven workplace environments. Here are five compelling reasons why cloud-based leave management system makes sense:

#1 Anywhere, anytime, any device access:

Picture this – your employees can clock in/out or apply for leave from anywhere and view their own leave dashboard. At the same time, supervisors can disburse approvals and payroll teams can export leave data to calculate salary - without having to wait for emails. Such a scenario can be a huge time-saver for your HR. At a time when trends such as remote work and BYOD have gone mainstream, removing physical barriers to leave management systems is a critical imperative.

#2 Flexible payment terms:

Non-cloud based leave management systems can prove expensive for organizations in the long run, with labor costs, upgrades, and unused capacity adding up. Cloud-based leave management systems, on the other hand, allow companies to move away from fixed pricing to a more flexible pay-as-you-go model - where they can scale up/down as needed and pay only for resources consumed. This is especially helpful for high-growth organizations and those that have a sizeable chunk of fluctuating/seasonal workforce.

#3 Enhanced report generation and analytics capabilities:

Cloud-based leave management systems often come with built-in analytics capabilities delivered through dashboards and scorecards. These tools help view and analyze employees’ leave record and match their data with other performance factors to predict employee attrition trends, satisfactions scores, impact of leadership on employee performance, etc. Such advanced insights can be a goldmine for people-centric organizations looking to improve employee retention and performance metrics.

#4 Streamlined travel reimbursement and shift tracking:

Organizations typically have a tough time verifying and streamlining their travel reimbursement processes and minimizing fraudulent claims. Easy to integrate with multiple platforms and devices, a cloud-hosted leave management system can track location, mode of travel, and distance in real time, and accordingly calculate the reimbursement due to employees. Such systems can also be integrated with biometric devices to manage real time workflow planning and tracking of attendance for employees who work in shifts.

#5 Enhanced self-service and automatic upgrades:

Moving your leave management system to the cloud boosts self-service capabilities for both HR heads as well as employees. While employees can view their own leave dashboards in the self-service portal, HR heads have the freedom to add/delete components, without depending on IT teams. Upgrades can also be seamlessly rendered onto cloud-hosted solutions, without incurring any extra cost, as opposed to on-premise software where deploying updates is a time, effort, and cost-intensive task.

Looking to optimize leave management? Partner with an experienced vendor

The ‘cloud technology services provider’ market is over-crowded and it is not uncommon for vendors to over-promise and under-deliver. This makes it essential for organizations to verify the credentials of the provider, view their past track record of engagements, and select one with the requisite experience. An experienced provider will be able to seamlessly integrate your leave management system with various third-party applications such as Google Apps to enable a holistic view and integrated analysis. Knowledge of global best practices and customization capabilities are equally important to driving seamless deployment of the right solution.

Are you ready to make the most of your leave management system?

Inspirria’s NetSuite Online Leave Management solution has features like Leave Application, Leave Balance, Holiday Master, Team Leave Calendar which can be accessed from anywhere anytime with real time data and offers end-to-end automation of the entire leave process, compressing the leave management cycle and saving clients significant time and cost. It also gives the real time visibility to employee, manager and employee of leave balances.
The Built for NetSuite (BFN) solution can be customized to address specific business needs when required. With over 14 years of experience in cloud technologies and more than 500 global clients, we can help you deploy the right LMS solution in the cloud.

Monday, January 29, 2018

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