NetSuite POS Integration benefits for Retailers

NetSuite POS Integration benefits for Retailers

Traditional retail business is evolving and adapting to the new age digital world on a massive scale. Gone are the days when a retail outlet was a standalone commerce hub, and PoS or Point of Sales worked without any integration with the rest of the business verticals.

Thanks to Cloud technology powered NetSuite ERP system, traditional retail businesses are becoming integrated with ecommerce, and PoS systems are becoming the drivers of new sales opportunities and new growth never experienced before.

NetSuite PoS integration is bringing in a paradigm shift in the operations of retail business, and the future is right here, right now.

Are you ready for this new retail revolution, which Inspirria is bringing in?

NetSuite PoS Integration: 5 Benefits For Retailers

Using NetSuite platform, Inspirria can turbocharge your PoS systems, and integrate them with a centralized database that connects them with the rest of the business verticals.

This brings in tremendous value addition to your existing retail business, and enable your employees to sell more products to the customers, delight them with a retail experience they never have seen before.

Here are 5 benefits for retailers, when they choose NetSuite PoS integration:

Remove Manual Data Entry & Multiple Systems For Data Capturing

Once NetSuite integrates all the PoS in your retail outlet, there is no need for manual data entry, and maintaining multiple systems for data capturing. All customer-facing employees across all retail outlets will get one single PoS system to enter data, which is directly integrated with the centralized database.

Real-Time Analytics and Insights For All

With NetSuite PoS integration, anyone with the required access rights can have real-time data analytics and insights related to sales happening across all the retail channels, across all the outlets. Be it ecommerce, telesales, or physical stores, you can have real-time data analytics for making smart business decisions.

Increase Sales With More Product Offerings

The concept of PoS is transformed with the NetSuite PoS integration since it’s no more just a data capturing system or a device to accept payments.

With NetSuite ERP, PoS has transformed into a new sales channel, as the employees will have access to the entire catalog of products which can be displayed via handheld devices, and orders can be accepted anywhere.

With this new PoS system, the entire sales strategy becomes location independent, and focussed on delighting and retaining customers.

Updated Inventory Information, With Consistent Data Visibility

Since NetSuite integrates PoS with the centralized database, every authorized personnel within the retail company can have access to the inventory data, updated in real time. Be it back office team or finance team, everyone can have a consistent data visibility, and take appropriate business decisions based on that. As if, the entire workforce is now on a single page.

Welcome To A New, Integrated, Modern Retail Experience

With consistent data, a highly advanced PoS system geared towards making more sales, an integrated Cloud-based ERP and real-time analytics and insights, the traditional retail business gets a new makeover. Without spending a fortune, your business will take a quantum leap towards a new era of retail business.

Inspirria, with over 15 years of experience in Cloud computing, has deployed Cloud based systems across hundreds of businesses globally. We are an award-winning Oracle NetSuite Implementation Partner, and we can deploy NetSuite PoS integration for your retail business.

You can fill this free assessment form, and allow our NetSuite Consultants to guide you further, without any obligation. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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