9 Crucial Reasons Why NetSuite Integration With SMS Is A Must For Your Business

9 Crucial Reasons Why NetSuite Integration With SMS Is A Must For Your Business

SMS or Short Message Service is one of the oldest, and most reliable communication mediums for every business. Introduced in the late 1980s, when technologists started discovering newer applications of mobile phones, SMS has been a vital component for communicating all through these years.

Even in the age of emails and social media, SMS hasn’t lost its charm.

Be it any business: consumer centric or business to business, SMS is useful, and trustworthy medium to share information in a timely manner.

When it comes to NetSuite, then SMS can be seamlessly integrated with the framework, to empower your CRM and ERP, and to make communications fast, easy and dedicated.

Here are 9 reasons why your business should integrate SMS:

Customer Centric Activities

1) Share quick order updates to your customer, in real time. The entire process is automated, and assists your customer to get timely information, swiftly.

2) You can conduct quick post-sales surveys, and get a pulse of your customers, without investing much time.

3) Using SMS, you can share the latest updates and information about your business with your customers and make them aware of your new offers. SMS is a great marketing tool, if used the right way (spamming, of any kind, be it emails, or SMS is unethical and bad for any business)

Manage Sales Process

4) Using SMS, you improve your lead nurturing process. You can take follow-ups, and take timely action based on your leads’ preferences and demands.

5) Quickly assign the leads to your sales-team in Netsuite and then by sending leads by using SMS. Without any delay, the SMS with information about your lead prospects can be assigned to the specific team member, and help them to make quick action.

6) If you share your SMS number with your leads, then they can instantly connect with you, and inform you about their business needs and expectations. Often, calls can take time, and this is where SMS becomes an important tool.

Manage Payments

7) SMSes can be used for reminding your customers about payments and pending bills. You can automate the process, such that timely reminders are shared with the customers beforehand, so that you get your payments on time.

8) Once the payment has been made, SMSes can be used to gather feedback, and inform the customers about payment confirmation. This instills confidence among your customers, and they are more inclined to make the next payment on time.

9) In case of any discrepancy in payment collection, SMS are a great way to quickly inform your customers, and help them make timely decisions.

NetSuite makes it easy and seamless to integrate SMS into your existing business management framework, and enable your organization to take full advantage of this communication medium.

Top Industries using Oracle  Netsuite + SMS Integration are,

Supply Chain

Warehouse Management



Inspirria can help you to integrate SMS feature into your NetSuite framework, and can suggest you the best practices of using them.

With over 15 years of experience in Cloud Computing, Inspirria has the experience and expertise to resolve your business issues, and fulfil your business objectives using NetSuite and SMS.

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Friday, October 11, 2019

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