NetSuite SuiteApp Inspirria Indian Taxation (IIT) - Managing Taxation the Easy & Efficient Way

The taxation structure in India is well planned and yet can be complex to the point of ambiguity at times. Managing taxes has become a very critical and integral part of a finance function in any organization. In fact, managing any business is largely dependent on taxation management.

Inspirria’s Indian Taxation bundle, built for NetSuite offers an easy integration for the Indian customers. It enables your organization to automate the taxation statutory reporting. All reports are supported as per the Indian government norms and can handle any localization requirement for a multi-national company.

NetSuite customers hitherto have had to manually compute tax accruals and in addition, physically create reports by taking out data and figures. IIT is indeed a major value add as it addresses all these issues in one bundle and also seamlessly integrates with all transactions wherever localization is required. Apart from automating statutory reporting, the IIT bundle also offers automation of TDS, all types of GST and the Indian subsidiary taxation for the NetSuite OneWorld customer. Sales and purchase order, vendor bills and invoices are all integrated for Indian specific needs such as TDS, GST and related taxes.

The formats for the reports are customizable and as per need can be downloaded as CSV, Excel, Word or pdf. In fact, the IIT bundle even supports the new formats for Schedule VI for Balance Sheet.

Inspirria's Indian Tax bundle can thus automate high-volume, routine tax based tasks on time. This can help free up the company's tax team to focus on the high value tasks such as data analysis, forecasting, planning and budgeting.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

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