5 Reasons Why Fast Growing Startups Should Choose Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite for Startups

When a startup is growing and expanding at a breakneck speed, then it needs an ERP platform that can match its intensity and aura.  If the ERP chosen by that startup fails to deliver results in a timely manner, and accurately, then the whole momentum fades away, the enthusiasm dies. 

Imagine your ERP failing to find out the real-time position of the logistics, or spending an infinite amount of time calculating the ROI of marketing expenses: The coordination between the departments will be disturbed, the management won’t be receiving the right data at the right time, and the speed of that startup will start to falter.

And this is indeed a disaster.

This is the reason why we at Inspirria always recommend Oracle NetSuite for fast growing startups: TrueCloud based NetSuite ERP has some of the most amazing features and capabilities, that will empower a fast growing startup to not only maintain the momentum, but also exceed it, and go beyond it. 

And our claims are not without substance. 

Here are 5 reasons why fast growing startups should choose Oracle NetSuite, and turbocharge their growth:

Super Flexible Pricing

Financial flexibility is one of the major fulcrums that propel a startup to grow faster, and to beat the odds. And Oracle NetSuite supports super flexible pricing, making them a perfect match.

Unlike other traditional ERPs, you only need to pay for the modules that are being deployed. With other ERPs, you are paying a fixed price for the entire package, despite the majority of the modules not being used.

But with Cloud based NetSuite, the power lies with you. 

Seamless, Easy Customizations and Integrations

Oracle NetSuite allows you to seamlessly integrate the most popular 3rd party tools and software, without any hassles or delays. 

For example, if SalesForce is your major tool for customer management, then you can instantly integrate it with your NetSuite Cloud ERP deployment as that will help your business to realize the ROI with the data quality and by automating the quote-to-cash, order management and supply chain management. It gives you a 360 degree view of your entire business operations across different departments.

For fast growing startups, this is a major benefit.

Single Source of Data Means Fast Decisions

Unlike other non-Cloud based, traditional ERPs, the data visibility aspect is very clear, and seamless in Oracle NetSuite. And the reason is a single source of data. 

Whatever data is being entered into the NetSuite ERP, it’s stored in a centralized repository that can be accessed by all the authorized parties and departments, irrespective of their location or hardware used. 

This means that the management is able to make faster decisions, and maintain their speed without any hassles. 

Scalable for Growth

Oracle NetSuite provides the most stunning features when it comes to scalability: Both horizontally, and vertically. 

A fast growing startup will accumulate new users, new vendors quickly, and NetSuite will support this horizontal expansion seamlessly, without wasting much time. At the same time, a fast growing startup will also expand vertically, by venturing into new markets, new audiences, and new processes.

Such expansion will also be seamlessly supported by NetSuite, since it provides a platform for managing multiple currencies, multiple languages and multiple subsidiaries. 

NetSuite is indeed the perfect ERP for the fast growing startups.

Highly Customizable For All Industries & Processes

Oracle NetSuite is regarded as one of the most customizable ERPs in the world, and this is another strong reason why fast growing startups simply adore NetSuite. 

With decades of sharp business experience, NetSuite has highly customizable and flexible modules, tailor-made for every industry. Be it manufacturing, software, retail, logistics, wholesale or finance management - NetSuite has tailor-made modules for all. 

With advanced platforms such as NetSuite SuiteFlex, all it takes is a few clicks to deploy a highly sophisticated and functional ERP, without spending much time.

Need more clarity on why NetSuite is the best ERP for your fast growing startup? Schedule a no-obligation consulting session, with our experienced NetSuite Consultants at Inspirra, discover more amazing facts and data, about the incredible capabilities of Oracle NetSuite. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

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