Explained - NetSuite Professional Services Automation & Its Advantages For Businesses

NetSuite Professional Services Automation

Services-based businesses are fast, dynamic, ever-changing and full of chaos: Sudden new client requirements or a sudden departure of existing employees from the team can disrupt the entire workflow, and impact the bottomline of the organization.

Changing tax regimes and compliances, along with new regulations for the services industry are some of the major deterrents for ensuring smooth revenue flow, and can prove to be major obstacles for ensuring all-round growth of the services company.

Understanding the pain points of the services based businesses, Oracle NetSuite has introduced a very focussed and dedicated module called SuiteProjects, which empowers such businesses, and enables them to execute their projects within deadlines, and generate higher ROI.

SuiteProjects, which is a NetSuite Professional Services Automation solution, is the Cloud ERP module that is proving to be a savior for services businesses.

Before we share the advantages of this Oracle NetSuite module, let’s find out what exactly it is?

What Is NetSuite Professional Services Automation Solution?

Natively built on Oracle NetSuite, SuiteProject is a NetSuite Professional Services Automation solution that incorporates the features of CRM (Customer Relationship Module), HR (Human Resource) and Accounting into one comprehensive Cloud ERP module.

It enables professional service providers to streamline their operations and ensure swift delivery of their solutions.

Entire services businesses can be run on this powerful, robust and scalable platform, ensuring higher ROI, and more profits. 

Benefits Of NetSuite Professional Services Automation

Real-Time Visibility Of Performance & Profitability

With complete information about the resource allocation, budgets, spendings and expenses, the services company can now have real-time visibility of both performance and profitability of every project. This means the management can now make smart business decisions, in real-time, based on intelligent business insights. 

Projects Delivered On Time

SuiteProjects is an intelligent services automation system based on NetSuite, which removes chaos and ambiguity, and instills transparency and data-centric insights which converts to faster delivery of projects, on time, and with unprecedented accuracy. 

Optimized Resource Utilization

By deploying NetSuite Professional Services Automation, services companies can now get complete control over their resources, and have real-time information about their availability, future allocations and their expenses. Using this information, project managers can swiftly move resources from one project to another, without disrupting the overall delivery time and productivity.

Easy Access Of Critical Data

With NetSuite Professional Services Automation, services companies can access critical data such as project accounting, billing details, invoicing details, time and expense tracking documents, contracts, and more, via mobile, laptop or tablets, from anywhere, across any location. And this is made possible because of the fascinating Cloud computing capabilities, which powers Oracle NetSuite. 

If you are running a professional services company, and wish to optimize the existing operations, ensure project delivery on-time and derive maximum productivity from existing resources, then NetSuite Professional Services Automation is the solution you need.

Consult with our Oracle NetSuite Consultants, and find out how we can deploy this powerful Cloud ERP module for your business, and customize it based on your specific business needs.

Schedule a no-obligation business assessment of your business right away.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

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