Get More Control Over Financials & Optimize ROI With NetSuite Project Management

NetSuite Project Management .

Services based organizations are often so engrossed with deliverability and client communication that they tend to ignore the most crucial aspect: Accounting.

Budgets get extended, and profitability dilutes, when proper attention is not given to accounting, and resource management. This a bad sign for a dynamic service organization, as such bad financials will directly impact the future growth and expansion of the company.

What if we say that a robust, Cloud-based solution exists, which can actually transform every aspect related to project management?

NetSuite Project Management is the answer. And we will showcase why.

NetSuite Project Management: The Optimal Solution For Managing Projects

NetSuite, which is right now the world’s fastest-growing Cloud-based ERP platform has understood the problems faced by services companies when it comes to dealing with accounting and financials.

In order to plug the leak, and optimize resource allocation along with complete control over financials, Oracle NetSuite has created the Project Management module.

This robust business solution from NetSuite integrates project management, project tracking and reporting into one unified platform, thereby providing the services companies with more control, more visibility and more revenues.

One of the best features of this module from NetSuite is the resource allocation and optimization, which means that services companies can now fully utilize the available resources, and increase their productivity to a new level.

Get More Control Over Accounting & Resource Management

Handling the accounting and financials of a project is difficult, especially when the requirements and the deliverables are changing dynamically.

In order to solve this puzzle, NetSuite Project Management has incubated several useful features and options in the module. Take for example tracking the actual labor cost.

Using NetSuite, services companies can now employ a one-click solution for tracking the actual labor cost of a project, thereby integrating critical aspects such as salaried earnings and payroll company contributions. This will enable the management to figure out how much time an employee has spent on a project, how much pay should be calculated, and how much spare time that employee has got.

This way, the management can calculate precise payroll, and create accurate financial reporting to find out job profitability. It creates a transparent financial process, benefitting both the employees and the management.

Accurate Project Billing For Plugging The Leaks

With NetSuite Project Management, companies can now raise accurate project billing, which is based on the actual number of hours consumed, resources allocated, and deadlines met while completing the project.

Services companies can even create the exact billing, based on the project type: Time and Materials Billing, Fixed Bid Interval/Milestone Billing Schedules and ChargeBased Project Billing.

Billing forecasts, based on the pace at which a project is being completed and predicting resource requirements is another very interesting feature.

There are tons of other robust features such as Gantt charts, automating project creation, invoicing, tasks allocation, resource optimization and more within NetSuite Project Management cloud services, which are being used by hundreds of service organizations, all across the world.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

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