3 Ways G Suite for Business Drives True Collaboration and Product Visibility for Wholesale and Distribution Industry

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Today’s consumers demand more choices, faster fulfillment and lower prices, forcing wholesalers and distributors to adapt to ever-evolving Omni-channel markets, while reducing supply chain costs and increasing speed-to-delivery. In addition, increasing competition and product complexity in the global market place has resulted in convoluted demand and supply networks. Addressing this effectively calls for increased focus on streamlining operations and improving distributor and supplier collaboration, keeping the teams up to date with product information.
G Suite for Business stands out as a transformational collaboration, messaging and storage platform of the digital age that can enable wholesalers and distributors to collaborate effectively on demand and supply commitments. G Suite services is designed to help multiple team members track product and inventory information to mitigate product issues while boosting delivery efficiency.
Leveraging these three G Suite productivity tools can help wholesale and distribution companies survive and thrive in a dynamic market environment:

#1 Google Sites:

Centralized information is critical to simplifying distributor and supplier collaboration while increasing operational efficiency. Google Sites helps companies build a mini website to update new product information, forecast delivery requirements, update inventory status, and share the latest product information with vendors. The result: increased visibility and transparency into the supply chain for timely decision making. In addition, Google’s sheets and calendar feature is useful for planning and assigning tasks to employees for superior project management. Google Sites also enhances team engagement by helping users to create and publish Google sites both in private or public mode, conduct surveys, and share the latest information about the product through visuals and images.

#2 Google Drive:

Building new and innovative products quickly is what keeps a company ahead of its competition. Google Drive has been designed to store and share all the critical product documents such as RFQ responses, production schedules, and delivery commitments to enhance information access, and improve distributor and supplier collaboration. Google Drive equips product design teams to share product research, designs, feedback and mock-ups, and marketing teams to store marketing campaigns. In addition, through strong contractual commitment for data ownership, data usage and security, Google Drive improves information confidentiality. The end result: streamlined distribution process.

#3 Google Hangouts:

Face-to -face meetings help set sales timelines and keeps everyone on the same page across products and initiatives. Google Hangouts is a great tool or app to hold supplier meetings for reviewing processes and quality management while cutting out travel time and expense. Moreover, Google Hangouts features such as group voice, video calling, and group chat messages, improve supplier and distributor communication, resulting in reduced sales cycle time. The live streaming feature helps launch product updates and make public announcements through Hangouts, YouTube and Google+ for enhanced customer experience.
The world of business is moving at a rapid clip. To stay relevant, wholesalers and distributors must make the right technology investments to stay informed and nimble enough to make prudent decisions. A real-time communication and collaboration tool such as G Suite paves the way for supplier and distributor teams to work more effectively and meet stringent requirements for on-time product delivery by creating a rich information repository of product databases, quotes and promotions. Taking advantage of a dedicated G Suite implementation partner can help businesses seamlessly implement the platform for enhanced business value.
Inspirria is a leading Google partner, helping companies seamlessly deploy G Suite for Businesses. With more than 14 years of experience in delivering cloud services, we leverage data-driven strategic cloud assessment capabilities to help companies create the workplace of the future, driving improved collaboration and innovation.
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Friday, June 1, 2018

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