Find Out Why Advertisers & Media Agencies Are Loving Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite for Advertising

Advertising and media agencies thrive & survive on two very critical factors: creativity and ROI on their efforts. 

If the balance between these two factors takes a tumble, then the entire business model of such advertising and media agencies experiences a shake-down. And the business fails to prosper.

With decades of experience in managing every type of business on a global scale, NetSuite understands the media and advertising industry like no one else does. And this is the reason a dedicated, and laser-focused module has been developed only for this industry.

And this is a game-changing development, because now, advertisers and media buyers can deploy a Cloud-based ERP that performs like a champion, and empowers them to not only handle the ROI part but also become more creative, daring, and out-of-the-box thinkers.

Find out why advertisers and media buyers are loving Oracle NetSuite?

360 Degree View Of Your Business Via Single Dashboard

Chaos is the common denominator in most of the advertising and media business, as new projects are being allocated, old projects removed, new resource requests coming in from every side, and big dollars are being spent on campaigns, and all these are happening at the same time.

This is why NetSuite for Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies provides a single, powerful 360-degree view of the key business metrics, that empowers the management to take smart and swift business decisions.

With a solid integration of Sales, CRM, Project Management, and Finance, agency owners can track progress right from the moment a lead comes in, to the point of final/recurring billing, and thereby forecast revenues, profits, and business continuity with ease.

Robust Project Management & Resource Allocation

Since resources are the key drivers of creativity and client billing, NetSuite has developed a comprehensive feature to optimize resource planning, allocation and deployment, in real-time.

With a powerful Project Management module incorporated within NetSuite for Advertisers and media buyers, you can track the progress of projects in real-time, automate resource allocation, find out the productivity and output of every resource based on projects and even enable time and expense reporting via desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Unleash The Power Of Automation

There are tons of processes that can be automated with Oracle NetSuite, and this helps agency owners and managers to streamline their tasks, saves them time, and makes timely decisions based on rules and protocols.

For example, the resource allocation process can be completely automated, based on availability, tasks remaining, and project status. More workflows such as emails to clients, payment reminders, etc can be automated as well.

Besides, the taxation process can be automated, filing, auditing of taxes can be automated based on the local taxation laws, and more.

Higher ROI With Advanced Advertisement Cost Management 

With NetSuite, agency owners can be assured of generating more ROI over every penny spent on advertisements, since they can now use advanced cost management features for getting real-time updates and get performance overview for making quick decisions.

With seamless integration of Google Adwords, Freewheel, and Strata with NetSuite, the campaign managers can now experience never-seen-before control and flexibility in managing and optimizing advertisement budgets for their clients.

And we have barely scratched the surface here!

Consult with NetSuite experts from Inspirria, and find out how we can completely transform your media & advertising agency with Oracle NetSuite, and empower you to generate more ROI and more revenues, without spending a fortune.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

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