3 Ways How NetSuite Can Transform Your Home Furnishing Business

NetSuite for Home Furnishing business

Home Furnishing is a booming business right now, and the scope is expanding at an incredible pace, all over the world. People need better, smarter homes, and they are choosing the best home furnishing firms and designers to make it happen.

However, with such rapid scaling, there comes the problem of optimal management as well, and the home furnishing distributors who are dependent on the legacy IT systems are losing out the race.

Being a capital-centric business, home furnishing distributors need a robust and scalable business management suite, which can take care of every aspect of their business. 

NetSuite, the world’s most popular Cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions provider has deeply researched and understood the business model of home furnishing distributors, and have accordingly designed a business management suite, which not only optimizes your business but also makes it profitable, consistently.

Here are three reasons why home furnishing distributors should choose NetSuite:

Omnichannel Support For 360 Degree Business Optimization

Today’s home furnishing business is not just limited to a showroom located at a corner of the city, but has expanded to the entire nation. And in some cases, globally. 

Your next order can arrive from the Internet, or via call from a person located 60 miles from your physical outlet. NetSuite’s Home Furnishing module takes a holistic approach to your ever-expanding business, and provides support for every touchpoint - Be it your physical outlet, ecommerce portal, call center or various distribution points spread across the nation.

NetSuite skillfully integrates the different touchpoints via single, comprehensive business suite, which means greater control and more flexibility over your business. 

Understand Your Customers With Data & Enchant Them

With NetSuite, your home furnishing business gets empowered with data and information about your customers, which is so vital for consistent business. Based on your customer’s purchasing behavior, you can now predict sales, know beforehand which furnishing product they will like, and suggest them the best product, accordingly. Based on trends data, and the current market demand, you can stock up your inventory, or ask your employees to source the right kind of furnishing items, at the right time.

With NetSuite, you get empowered with data and this changes everything.

Get Control Over Your Business With Technology

Home furnishing business requires a lot of inventory and physical products being stored and moved around, everytime. In legacy businesses, there are different IT products, spread across the outlets, distribution centres, warehouse and more. Coordinating among them consumes time and resources, and the data gathered is not even consistent.

With NetSuite, you can implement and deploy a single business suite across HCM, Warehouse management, supply chain management, vendors and customer relationship modules, which empowers you with more control and more transparency over your business.

With a single dashboard, you can know how much inventory you have at a particular warehouse, and which vendor is supplying the items, and trace and monitor the shipment as well.

In short, NetSuite transforms your home furnishing business and keeps you one step ahead of the competitors.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

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