What is NetSuite's TEC certificate for Manufacturers

What is NetSuite's TEC certificate for Manufacturers

An ERP system of a business is expected to handle all its processes in a hassle-free and smooth manner. It may include but might not be limited to demand planning, inventory tracking, costing, operations of the shop floor, financials, sales, marketing and HR. However, most ERP solutions available in the market today might not provide full range of features required by that particular

business. To the resc ue comes NetSuite's cloud ERP for manufacturers that addresses all the requirements of a discrete manufacturing business.

According to Technology Evaluation Centre (TEC), an independent software evaluation and certification organization, NetSuite's manufacturing solution supports all the 52 features that are an essential part of any manufacturing business. Moreover, the evaluation suggested that NetSuite has scored more than 80 percent in almost all of those solutions. The comprehensive report issued by TEC also emphasized NetSuite's ability to tackle real world business dynamics rather than just being able to carry out the simple tasks of data entry and management. Here are the five most significant features in NetSuite that TEC has praised in particular:

  • Portlet-style dashboard: The user interface (UI) of NetSuite features a portlet-style dashboard that is customizable according the requirements of the user. These pluggable portlets are a great way to create short cuts of the features in NetSuite that are used by the employee most often. Different dashboards for different purposes could also be created by the administrators. Portlets could be used for a variety of purposes such as executing workflows and reports, displaying alerts and messages from time to time and displaying the updated KPIs.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting: NetSuite comes preloaded with more than 200 standard reports. However, one can also design his/her own template according to one's requirements. Drilling down to the main source becomes all the more easy with KPIs and other advanced metrics found in Netsuite. Furthermore, the SuiteAnalytics tool helps arrange the rows and columns according to ones preferences by dragging and dropping as well as facilitates making sense of the dry data at hand.
  • Cloud based architecture:  TEC stated in the report that being on the cloud, NetSuite helps companies manage better by reducing the costs on hardware and relieving the IT staff of doing periodical and monotonous restores and backups.
  • Holistic business processes: Rather than dealing in isolated transactions like other ERP solutions, NetSuite intelligently integrates each vertical of the business with the other one. Due to this holistic approach, things become more manageable and streamlined. The SuiteFlow workflow in Netsuite makes it easier for the user to customize the business process with some simple drag and drop features for which no prior coding knowledge is required.
  • Third party applications could be easily integrated with NetSuite to enhance its capabilities. For example, TribeHR, which happens to be one of the business partners of NetSuite has many new HR capabilities to offer to NetSuite users.
Saturday, April 12, 2014

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