Rental Management Simplified With RentalEdge, A NetSuite Solution From Inspirria

RentalEdge: The complete Rental Management solution from Inspirria.

Be it any part of the globe, Asset Management is a challenging business: Managing assets and maintaining them consumes a lot of time, energy and resources. If the owner is a one-man team, then full-fledged rental management becomes overwhelming and too much complicated.


Understanding these needs, Inspirria has developed its own Rental Management module for NetSuite, which takes care of all these tasks, and simplifies the tasks for the organizations in rental business.


Welcome to RentalEdge: The complete Rental Management solution from Inspirria.


RentalEdge: Managing Assets Simplified


Built on the NetSuite platform, RentalEdge can help organizations to seamlessly generate MIF, Purchase contract and Rental Contracts for each asset, and comply with all regulations, without any hassles.


The Cloud-based module can trace and track every transaction made by the customers, and vendors, and track the financial trail easily. Using the data fed into rental agreements and service contracts, RentalEdge will empower the owners to ensure uninterrupted revenue generation.


The whole system of rental management becomes fully automated, as they can calculate asset profitability from rental items, generate daily/weekly/monthly inventory status reports, and even support multiple subsidiary rental operations, spread across the country or the world.


Rental Management has been so easy and simple before.


Optimize Revenues & Reduce Losses With RentalEdge


One of the key benefits of using RentalEdge is the real-time analytics and data monitoring of every asset owned by the owners, at any given point of time.


Using various dashboards, asset owners can now automatically generate Machine In Field (MIF) record as soon as a particular item or asset is rented out. Every single piece of asset - be it an machinery or a vehicle or office stationery, can be allocated a unique SKU/serial number, which can be traced on real-time basis.


Profits being generated from each item can calculate automatically, and even cross-referenced against the Rental Contract/Service agreement without any hiccups.


In short, your rental business becomes foolproof and robust, with Inspirria’s Rental Management module.


Easy Integration With NetSuite


RentalEdge has been developed on the platform provided by NetSuite, which makes it scalable, flexible and secured.


The module can seamlessly integrate with NetSuite ERP standard and Oneworld accounts, and directly integrates key variables such as Customer details, item details, serial numbers, service-contract details and more.


RentalEdge has been designed intelligently, as it can segregate rental management specific transactions from the normal business operations within NetSuite, and provide more control to the owners.


If you have a rental business, and planning to take it to the next level, then RentalEdge is the NetSuite module you should definitely deploy.

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

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