Box Cloud Content Management: Bolsters Team Collaboration, Cuts Cost and Creates Business Value

Box Cloud Storage

In today’s hypercompetitive digital age, a more productive, connected and collaborative workforce is a critical benefactor of success. But how do companies empower their workforce to collaborate for increased creativity and strategic business impact? Think centralized information management in the cloud. Until recently, businesses were using costly, complex, inflexible systems that make content accessibility across devices and location a challenge. Thanks to the recent rise of Box Cloud Content Management Solution, leading companies across the world are providing employees with better access to information for driving productivity.

Underpinned by advanced security and governance practices, the Box Cloud solution enables companies to unify information in the cloud so that organizations can work as one. It leverages metadata to define and store custom data related to files in the Box, making it easier to organize, understand and search files. This fosters collaboration to ramp up product development, reduce cost and innovate at scale, all while ensuring successful digital transformation.

Here are three ways companies can leverage Box Content Management Services to modernize their IT infrastructure and bring people and information together for transformative results:

1. Share files easily for improved productivity:

With technology disruption at an all time high, companies that rethink ways of working and sharing information bolster business agility. Box Cloud Content Management solution helps teams to securely share and edit large files and folders with a simple link or custom URL - in real time from anywhere and on any device. It simplifies repetitive processes such as employee on boarding and contract approvals—by triggering the movement of files based on events such as uploads or ownership. In addition, it allows teams to preview more than 120 types of files, including Word, Excel, PDF, photos, 3D, HD, 360 or DICOM® files without the need for downloading. This empowers teams to work better and faster than ever before.

2. Improve collaboration without compromising data security:

Box makes it easier to share files with privacy filters while letting users use passwords and links to their documents. This ensures file protection across devices. What’s more? With centralized security controls, reporting, customer managed encryption, rights management and mobile security, it supports data retention and security policies, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA, FINRA and other stringent regulations.

3. Never run out of hard drive space with Box Drive:

A faster and more convenient way to work is what defines a successful workplace culture. With Box Drive, companies are positioned to work with as many files as they want, without compromising the hard disk space. The drive automatically saves any changes that employees make to the file as well as gives employees the ability to lock shared files so nobody can overwrite them. The search bar files can be located easily and file folders can be transformed into collaborative work place by inviting team member to edit and upload files.

4. Manage content effectively and automate repetitive tasks:

Making content accessible across various devices and locations is what’s needed to give effective collaboration a seat at the table. Box content management solution helps control document access through multiple access options such as "view", "share", "edit" or "upload only". It saves all versions of the document-previous as well as the latest whenever edits are made. Users can also share, edit, discuss and approve content in a central location while staying up to date with real-time notifications. In order to enhance operational efficiency, Box let user helps narrow down search based on owner, metadata and file type and mark files as favorite.
Successful leaders understand that effective collaboration and easy access to information is the key to building a productive and high functioning team. Putting information in centralized, cloud-native content platform such as the Box Cloud makes it more efficient for teams to exploit the information for meeting business objectives and enabling better customer service. Partnering with a leading Box Service partner such as Inspirria helps in rapid installation, deployment, maintenance and use of Box with minimal training.
Inspirria is a leading Cloud Technology Services company, offering end-to-end implementation services and support for Box Cloud. We leverage more than 14 years of experience in cloud service implementation to help companies get up to speed with Box Services for enhanced information access and improved team collaboration.
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Friday, June 15, 2018

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