3 Reasons Why Software Companies Are Embracing Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite for Software Companies

In a survey conducted by Forbes, the question was: What are the biggest challenges that software companies face while running their business.


And the answer that received maximum votes was: Adapting to customer changers. 


Software is a dynamic, ever-changing industry, with expectations and demands from clients changing at a fast pace. Every few weeks, a new platform is launched, new technology evolves, and a new market is born.


How can software firms cope with these dynamics, this transformation, and keep on running the company to ensure profitability and growth?


The answer lies with Oracle NetSuite, the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP platform, that is disrupting the way businesses are being done, globally. 


What makes Oracle NetSuite perfect for software companies? Here are the three reasons why software companies across the globe are embracing Oracle NetSuite for enhancing their productivity and adaptability:


All-In-One Cloud Solution For Unlimited Scalability


Oracle NetSuite is a 100% TrueCloud based ERP platform, that offers a suite of modules and functionalities, under one roof. Since it’s Cloud-based, NetSuite offers unlimited scalability of operations, without any major infrastructure costs involved.


And this makes Oracle NetSuite the top preference and choice for software companies since they can onboard new users, tweak the default features, incorporate new, and improved business processes, and have complete control over their business. 


With NetSuite, software firms can manage and optimize their entire business operations from one dashboard: Right from managing employees and their salaries, leaves, and reviews to project management, reporting, business intelligence, and more. 


Automated Subscription Management 


With the latest NetSuite 2021 Release 2, Software companies can now automate entire subscription features and set their software business on autopilot mode. Quite literally. 


Under NetSuite Suite-Billig features, software firms that are selling software subscriptions can automate critical functionalities such as activation, or deactivation of accounts simultaneously, on a mass level. This enhances their productivity and enables them to focus on their core business skills of programming, coding, and launching newer, exciting software products. 


A big win for software firms.


Automated Tax Updates & Financial Automation


Complying with tax regulations and legal compliances is complicated, time-taking but necessary. Earlier, multinational software firms had to spend a considerable amount of time to ensure that they were following tax rules of the various nations, and following the legal compliances to run their business.


But not anymore. With Oracle NetSuite, software firms can automate the entire process of tax calculation, tax filing, reporting, and auditing, and this translates to more productivity and more output.


Besides, when it comes to financial management and automation, NetSuite's powerful features are unmatched, unbeatable. 


With the latest updates from NetSuite 2021 Release 2, software firms can now get updated forex conversion rates (powered by HSBC), for ensuring that all their cross-country transactions and payments are as per the current forex rates.


And we have barely scratched the surface here!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

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