NetSuite Release 2019.2 For Manufacturers: 5 New Features You Should Be Aware Of

NetSuite updates 2019.2 for manufacturers

With NetSuite’s latest 2019.2 version, manufacturing industry is all set to experience a new wave of innovation and business intelligence never seen before.

As digital services and Internet is unleashing itself across every market and industry, manufacturing industry too needs a dose of transformation in data analytics and data visualization, and NetSuite has taken care of this, in their latest version.

Here are 5 new features, which you should be aware of:

Supply Chain Revolutionized

Disruptions in the Supply Chain process of any manufacturing unit disrupts entire operations, and this is one of the biggest roadblocks for any manufacturer.

Understanding this need, NetSuite has introduced two new features: Supply Chain Control Tower and Snapshot Simulations, which changes everything.

Using these new features, the manufacturer and the operations manager can have a single view of the current status of supply chain, and accordingly devise risk management strategies and actions to avoid any disruptions.

A true revolution indeed.

Supply Allocation Becomes More Savvy

Manufacturers can now implement rules-driven supply allocation, which translates to resource optimization, and cost reduction.

Based on the current state of inventory, customers can now place their orders in advance, and thereby maximize profits, and improve service, and ensure zero disruptions in operations.

With NetSuite 2019.2, its a win-win for both manufacturers, and customers.

New, Exciting Enhancements To Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing feature now gets more enhancements, which translates to smooth day to day operations, and optimized shop floor productivity.

For instance, in NetSuite version 2019.2, Production Unit of Measure (UoM) feature has been enhanced. Shop floor executives can now monitor and record, report the exact production, in any unit they prefer. This will bring uniformity across the production floor, and make data consistent.

Serialized Components new feature under Advanced Manufacturing, allow the operators to record assembly build data directly from the shop floor, thereby saving time and increasing productivity.

Quality Inspections Becomes Seamless

Under NetSuite 2019.2 version, Quality Management has a new feature under Quality Queue Customization, which streamlines the entire quality inspection process for operators and managers.

Inspection activities can be prioritized based on the rules, which means that the crucial batches are never overlooked, and the important inspections are never missed.

Data Is The King: Analytics Enhanced, Improved

With NetSuite 2019.2 version, new and advanced analytics has been introduced, for making data driven decisions.

Merchandise Hierarchy feature, for instance, now delivers real actionable insights about every item and item types present in the production floor, and inventory.

Commerce Search Analytics now informs the manufacturer about the searching habits about their web-based customers, and gives deep and intelligent insights about their purchasing habits.

Inspirria can help you unravel even more useful, and data-centric features of NetSuite 2019.2 for manufacturers, which will help them to leverage the true potential of NetSuite, and increase their productivity across all channels.

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Friday, November 29, 2019

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