Are CIO's responsible for more than keeping the Lights on with Cloud Adoption?

Are CIO's responsible for more than keeping the Lights on with Cloud Adoption?

An often quoted statistics affirms that most of the IT organizations waste at least 80% of their resources and budget on maintaining and existing infrastructure and applications, in a way known as 'Keeping the lights on'. Maintaining routine operations may be a thankless task, often going unnoticed, the only exception is a failure. While keeping the lights on is as essential to a CIO as it is balancing books for finance. It is definitely very tempting for a CIO to stay focused on operational continuity, but sometimes just the underlying components are not enough. While there is a sense of comfort in keeping the lights on, but have you ever wondered that how much it costs to keep them burn so brightly? While saying so, how do you know that which lights need to be kept on and which ones off, is the question that is often skipped.

In a scene where the solutions are not seen clearly, businesses today look disruptive. Its Disruptive business models, disruptive technologies, and disruptive channels. In this scenario, specifically, the role of CIO is the one that is under the radar. Categorically, the CIO role is rapidly evolving into one of business leadership, not just technology oversight. This in a way is forcing CIO's to look at their responsibilities in a different light. For an instance, CIO's primary job was to 'keep the lights' on from a technology perspective, giving the company a stable platform to innovate. But in order to keep the lights on, you need to innovate. When a company migrates from ERP and CRM respectively to NetSuite, running heavy apps in on-site data centers need to be terminated. When your on-premise system goes down, your attention is diverted towards its quick fix. Upgrades and overhauling take away all the energy from your business, which is why migrating to Cloud computing is mandatory. It saves money and most importantly time and allows you to focus on business opportunities. Now, the beauty of NetSuite is that it adapts to the omnichannel landscapes to meet the expectations of customers, regardless of where they interact. A Cloud based approach reduces the complex changes which are noted during mobile applications and e-commerce systems.

Having an omnichannel integrated solution is a powerful tool that allows you to innovate. All in all, it is important to know when to keep the lights on and turn off the ones you don't need. When you need solution oriented results, be a part of our Cloud phenomena, and we are Inspirria Cloudtech, your Cloud partner. Our solutions bring uniformity across your organization, lower costs, increase profits, push employee performance & enhance customer experience. Inspirria Cloudtech is a certified NetSuite 5-star partner with 100 + consultants and 300 + implementations; we are the largest consultant base in Asia. We have created customized services, ranging from implementation to training, to enhance your NetSuite experience.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

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