Understand Your Customers’ Expectations & Decode Their Needs With NetSuite Customer Relation Management (CRM +)

Unless a business understands and relates with their customers, they cannot aim to be a market leader and a brand that is loved and appreciated by all.

Without understanding your customers, running business operations is like aiming for a target in the dark: It’s a gamble, a risk, and often leads to disastrous results.

Oracle NetSuite, which is right now World’s fastest-growing Cloud-based ERP platform has clearly understood this need of decoding customer’s needs and expectations, and this is the reason they have created a specialized module for the same: NetSuite CRM+.

The keyword here is “Relationship”, and NetSuite CRM+ focuses on this aspect with laser-sharp focus: You can know in and out of your customer’s needs, find out what they are expecting from your business, and provides you with tools and applications to manage this relationship in the most optimized manner.

Here are a few inherent advantages and benefits of NetSuite CRM+, which empowers businesses to get an extra edge over their competitors and form an ever-lasting relationship with their customers..

  • Sales Forecasting & Quota Management

NetSuite CRM+ provides a unique, out of the box, "Probability-based forecasting methodology", which is based on historical data, customer’s expectations, and current market trends, which is a gamechanger in the overall sales process.

When you link order management with sales projections, then the outcome is a robust and dependable sales strategy that leads to actual results.

  • Seamless, Powerful Marketing Automation

NetSuite understands that the source of leads and new customers is always a stellar marketing campaign, and this is the reason NetSuite’s CRM+ module provides an out of the box marketing automation process, which perfectly aligns with the sales goals and the market demand.

Not only you can capture leads from multiple sources, but also manage them, interact with them, and offer them products and services in real-time, which directly translates to more conversions, more business, and more growth.

  • Impeccable Customer Service & Support

NetSuite CRM+ module enables businesses to optimize and refine the entire process of Customer Service, and support, and sets new benchmarks in providing the best support to the customers.

Customer care agents can have a 360-degree view of the customer’s problems and issues, get real-time solutions, re-route the queries to the appropriate department, and overall delight the customers with state of the art support services.

Real-Time Dashboards, Live Analytics & Planning

If your sales team or customer relationship team has access to live data and analytics about the customers’ journey and the funnel, then it can be the gamechanger. You will precisely be aware of what to sell, how to sell, and whom to sell.

NetSuite CRM+ provides these data and analytics via real-time dashboards, which converts to more leads, and more business. Users can easily, effortlessly create such interactive, live dashboards and help their business to grow faster.

These were just a glimpse of the benefits which NetSuite CRM+ brings to businesses.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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