What Exactly Is NetSuite Cloud ERP and How Does It Work?

What Is NetSuite ERP?

Oracle NetSuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning platform, based on Cloud technologies. An ERP is a software that can manage all key operations of a business, and can automate them, optimize them and make them more result-oriented using technology as the leverage

Oracle NetSuite takes the entire concept of ERP one step further by using Cloud computing as the foundation of their ERP suite, thereby pushing the boundaries of ERP capabilities, and making businesses even more empowered, and tech-enabled via Cloud.

At this moment, Oracle NetSuite is the world’s most deployed Cloud ERP, and thousands of businesses are trusting and relying on Oracle NetSuite for their day to day operations.

How Does It Work?

An organization like a huge machine, which has several processes and systems each for different business operations such as sales, finance, supply chain/logistics, human resource, distribution, marketing, procurement, inventory and more. 


Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP is software that commands and controls each of these systems and processes and helps the machine to move forward.


Oracle NetSuite ERP can collect, store, manage and interpret data coming in from all these processes and systems and transform that data, convert it into insights, and provide it to the management and owner of the business so that they can move it in the right direction, at the right speed, at the right time. 


Now, Oracle NetSuite could have been like any other ERP, but with the Cloud aspect, things change to a larger extent. A Cloud ERP functions and operates at a much higher degree, compared to stand-alone ERP, also known as on-premise ERP.

A Cloud-based ERP is much more intelligent and active, compared to all the other ERP softwares which are not on cloud.


For example, all the systems and processes of this business can communicate with one another, and share data between them. This means more insights and more business intelligence for the management and decision-making team.


In case of any natural calamity or an emergency, any business operation shuts down, then the data is not lost forever, but it can be retrieved from the Cloud data servers, which are located elsewhere, in a safe location. Hence, an organization with Cloud-powered ERP is unstoppable, always functioning, and smart.


Main Characteristics Of Oracle NetSuite:


Supports & Optimises All Business Functions


Oracle NetSuite has been developed over the years, based on the real, hardcore business experience. It has been empowering thousands of businesses, it has the expertise and experience to support your business, via customized and tailor-made solutions.


With NetSuite, you can be assured of seamless operations and productivity for finance and accounts, order management, production management, supply chain, marketing, ecommerce, sales, warehouse and fulfillment, procurement, HR, and more.


Data Security, Compliance & Control


NetSuite assures unprecedented data security and safety, seldom seen or experienced by ERP users. The security features are advanced, and only authorized persons can have access to the data they need to see.


NetSuite’s Cloud servers are designed to withstand natural calamities and have several backups ready in case of any emergency.


You can have full control over your data, and it can be accessed via mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet from anywhere in the world.


Real-Time Reporting & Analytics


Real-time reporting and data analytics is one of the most startling features of NetSuite ERP. You can have real-time data and insights of every business function, and it’s not mere data you are receiving here, but information and insights which give you a competitive edge over others.


Via customized dashboards, just a glimpse is enough to find out which way your organization is moving, and at which speed.

Contact our experienced Oracle NetSuite Consultants and find out why your business needs this solution at this moment, to transform and grow your business beyond your imagination.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

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