Find Out How Oracle NetSuite Is Eliminating Chaos From Ad-Tech Companies

NetSuite for Ad Tech companies

The ad-tech industry thrives on the dynamics of the digital, marketing, and publishing world: There are ever-evolving advanced technologies, new requirements from the clients, and constant updates in the industry, and this leads to chaos and confusion.


Ad-tech company managers and founders have admitted that more often than not, they miss key deadlines, or billing details, which severely impacts their bottom line.


With decades of experience in this industry, Oracle NetSuite has understood the inherent problems faced by this industry and has developed a comprehensive, dedicated module for the ad-tech industry which helps them to streamline their operations and ensure more productivity. 


This is how Oracle NetSuite is eliminating chaos from the ad-tech industry.


Fully Customizable Billing


Oracle NetSuite provides a big push toward an enhanced sales-to-cash process, by providing a powerful and fully customizable billing process for ad-tech companies. 


Now, the clients can be billed based on the project requirements: It can be a campaign to campaign billing, based on Insertion Order, or based on the Master Service Agreement with a flat tariff. 


The power and control have been given back to the ad-tech companies, with Oracle NetSuite.


Billing Based On Actual Tasks/Requirements


Within ad-tech, there are various forms of advertising features such as pay-per-click, cost-per-million impressions, performance-based and more.


A single billing protocol may not be feasible for ad-tech clients, and this is the reason Oracle NetSuite provides a flexible billing feature, based on the actual services rendered, and activities are done. The billing can even accommodate a revenue-sharing program, and this changes everything for the ad-tech industry.


Accurate, Swift Reporting


Reporting is critical for ad-tech companies because it helps them to provide better suggestions and advice to their clients: If the ad rates for one particular publication are skyrocketing, and ROI is less, then those advertisements can be stopped.


Without a robust reporting feature, ad-tech companies will be clueless and directionless.


This is why Oracle NetSuite has included highly advanced and interactive reporting capabilities, that enable the managers to include and compare historical reports, and perform an in-depth comparative study to scoop out the most accurate, and intelligent data.


This translates to happy clients and enhanced revenues.


Fully Automated Campaign ID Management


To remove chaos and confusion from ongoing projects, Oracle NetSuite offers a highly advanced and easy-to-use Campaign ID Management feature, that enables ad-tech firms to simplify advertisement order fulfillment by tracking ad-servers and campaign IDs.


With dynamic web services integration, ad managers can now automatically import unique ID codes into the NetSuite platform from hundreds of ad placements, and monitor the success or failure of every impression, for each campaign line in the insertion order.


This translates to more efficiency, more transparency, and more ROI.


And we have barely scratched the surface here! With advanced financial management, maintaining and updating the general ledger, accounts receivable, account payable, becomes streamlined, and tax-related activities can be automated.


Highly advanced customer relationship management, sales automation, and marketing automation are other USPs for ad-tech companies, which they can experience firsthand after deploying Oracle NetSuite.

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Monday, March 7, 2022

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