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NetSuite warehouse management

Warehouse is that fulcrum based on which any manufacturing, wholesale and retail business is based: Be it inventory management, packaging or shipping, warehouse is the critical factor for ensuring seamless business operations.

Why Warehouse Management Is Critical?

With an optimal warehouse management system, the wholesaler or manufacturer is able to deliver the goods from inventory in a timely, organized manner. 

And this leads to higher productivity, decreased labor cost, and delighted customers/vendors.

Order fulfillment process is smoothened, and there are less errors and damages, which directly impacts the revenues and profits of the organization.

NetSuite understands and acknowledges the importance of warehouse management, and this is the reason they have developed a unique, one-of-its-kind warehouse management system that empowers manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to optimally manage their warehouse operations, and ensure higher ROI from every aspect of their operations.

Here are three critical business problems that Oracle NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System solves..

Problem #1: Real-Time Visibility Of Inventory Status

In the traditional model of warehouse management, the live, real-time status of inventory is not visible and this leads to serious errors and mis-management of order fulfillment.

With NetSuite Warehouse Management, this problem is resolved.

Floor supervisor and the management can now have real-time visibility of the products/items being shipped, or coming into the inventory, and based on this information, they can make smart business decisions.

No longer do they need to wait for weekly reports on the inventory, and lose critical time in fulfilling the orders, or stopping a shipment in case market conditions are adverse.

Problem #2: Communication Between Departments

In the traditional model of managing warehouse, communication and data exchange between different departments such as production, shipping, inventory, finance etc is a big headache.

Due to lack of synced data and real-time communication, manufacturers and wholesalers lose critical business advantage, and end up delaying order fulfillment or placing orders for products/items that are in huge demand.

With NetSuite Warehouse Management, this problem is resolved effectively.

Since Oracle NetSuite is 100% based on Cloud technology, there is a centralized database that has the capability to gather information from various departments, and provide access to that data in real-time to the authorized personnel. 

Hence, companies that have deployed NetSuite Warehouse Management System need not wait for synced data, or wait for updates from the production team, inventory, or order fulfillment team, or say shipping department. 

Live, and real-time status of every order, every item, every product is updated in the system, and this empowers them to have a clear idea about every aspect of warehouse management.

Problem #3: Seamless Warehouse Operations

In most of the warehouses, the operations are managed manually via logbooks and sheets, and this data is then sent up in the hierarchy to the floor supervisors, and management. 

This system lacks integrity and a systematic approach.

With NetSuite Warehouse Management System, time to say goodbye to this chaos.

Now, manufacturers and wholesalers can manage end to end warehouse operations via mobile apps, and the data is directly sent to the centralized database without any delay.

Tasks such as receiving the items in the warehouse, picking and packaging, allocating SKUs etc can be done via NetSuite Warehouse Management’s mobile app, thereby increasing accuracy and efficiency, removing any human error.

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Monday, October 11, 2021

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