Find Out Why Oracle NetSuite & SalesForce Integration Is Recommended By ERP Experts

Oracle NetSuite & SalesForce Integration

Businesses all across the globe are turbocharging their operations and inducing more productivity and more ROI by integrating their SalesForce with Oracle NetSuite.


But why?


Leading Cloud ERP Experts, including us at Inspirria strongly recommend this unique integration between the world’s most popular Cloud-based platforms. 


In this blog, we will share the reasons why?


What Is Oracle NetSuite?


Oracle NetSuite is the world’s fastest-growing True Cloud-based ERP Platform, that not only manages end-to-end business operations, but also optimizes them, and brings along more productivity and ROI. We can tweak and mold NetSuite as per the specific needs of the business, and optimally manage finance, workflow, production, inventory, supply chain, ecommerce, marketing, human resource, and a lot more.


In short, Oracle NetSuite is a Cloud-based ERP Revolution.


What Is SalesForce?


SalesForce is the world’s leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, based on Cloud, and provides insights into your customer’s journey, and their behavior. 


Why do ERP Experts recommend SalesForce Integration With Oracle NetSuite?


Now, let’s discuss some inherent benefits which a business can experience by integrating SalesForce with Oracle NetSuite:


Calibration Of Synergies


The biggest, and most visible advantage of integrating SalesForce with Oracle NetSuite is the alignment and calibration of data and insights, which changes everything. 


Once integrated, any change or update made in the SalesForce or Oracle NetSuite will be visible on both platforms: For example, a customer delayed payment for an invoice, and this information is critical for the sales team to pitch their other products. Without integration, the Sales Team will need to first find out with the Accounts/Finance team and then proceed with their sales pitch.


Once integrated, the Sales Team can find out the current invoice status, past purchases, and new requests from the customer, and then accordingly devise their sales pitch for better results. 


Enhancing Data Accuracy


Did you know that 41% of errors related to data are due to human-induced errors? 


Successful integration between Oracle NetSuite and SalesForce removes the manual work related to data uploads, and additions/edits and this means that human-induced errors are eliminated and data accuracy is enhanced to the next level.


Once a data object has been saved in either SalesForce or Oracle NetSuite, it’s accessible on both platforms and thus, the employees working with that data are always accessing real-time updated information. 


360-Degree Financial Visibility


While SalesForce has a tremendous amount of data and insights related to customers, Oracle NetSuite has one of the most advanced financial management functionalities. 


By integrating these two platforms, the workforce is provided with unprecedented access to financial insights, seldom seen or witnessed. Sales and Marketing teams can get real-time insights into the current finances, the Workflow team can find out in an instant which projects are consuming most of the budget, and with a glance, the Management can find out the current profit/loss, based on the payments made just seconds before.


And we have barely scratched the surface here!

Consult with Inspirria Cloudtech, an Award-winning Oracle NetSuite Implementation Partner and experts in SalesForce-Oracle NetSuite integration to explore the possibilities.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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