Decode GST With NetSuite Indian Taxation Bundle: Invitation For Free Webinar

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GST or Goods and Services Tax regime was introduced in India effective July 1st, 2017, for all businesses operating in India. GST filing has been made compulsory, with the provision of various slabs starting from 0% to 28%, depending on the products and services rendered.

A lot of Indian companies, as well as foreign companies operating in India have found GST filings as a cumbersome and technically complicated process. There are exceptions to be handled, timely calculating and reporting various different types of GST returns, based on the time of the year and more.

In case you are spending way too many resources and time into filing GST returns as per the regulations, then there is good news for you: Inspirria and NetSuite is here to help you out.

Inspirria’s Indian Taxation Bundle: Simplifying GST For You

Inspirria has developed a Built for NetSuite SuiteApp called Indian Taxation Bundle, which has the power and capability to decode and simplify entire GST filing process for your business.

Created on NetSuite framework, Indian Taxation Bundle or IIT will simply plug into your existing Oracle NetSuite deployment, and automate entire process of GST filing.

Along with GST, Inspirria’s Indian Taxation Bundle will also assist you in calculating and reporting applicable Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), and Service Tax, thereby enabling you to use your valuable and precious resources into your core business operations.

Free Webinar On Indian Taxation Bundle For You

Inspirria is conducting a free webinar for Indian and international businesses, who wish to decode GST filing and automate it.

In the webinar, we will discuss how Indian Taxation Bundle can completely take care of every aspect related to GST filing and associated tax compliances in an organized and tech-enabled manner.

NetSuite Consultants having years of experience in deploying and maintaining NetSuite for hundreds of global and domestic businesses will showcase how:

-Indian Taxation Bundle can be seamlessly integrated with your existing NetSuite framework, and can be used to record, calculate and report each and every transaction which your business executes.

-How our Built For NetSuite SuiteApp is empowering businesses to automate entire GST filing process, which results in saving time and resources for your business

-What exactly is Built for NetSuite SuiteApp, and its inherent advantages such as safety, security and integrity of data

-Why and how automation works, when it comes to GST filing, and why should your business embrace it, as soon as possible

-How we ensure accurate tax filing, based on existing GST compliances, and regulations.

-How Indian Taxation Bundle from Inspirria defines and calculates taxes, input and output posting, configuring tax codes and capturing tax details at customer and vendor level.

-And most importantly: Why you should trust and partner with Inspirria, which has more than 15 years of experience in Cloud Computing and related technologies, empowering hundreds of businesses globally.


Who Should Attend This Free Webinar On Indian Taxation Bundle?

Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Finace Managers, CTOs of MNCs and domestic firms can attend this free webinar, and unlock the potential and power of Inspiria’s Indian Taxation Bundle, along with Oracle NetSuite.

You can register for the webinar right here.

Monday, March 23, 2020

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