NetSuite SuiteApp ServiceEdge - Complete Solution for Customer Service Delivery

NetSuite Suiteapp for Service Management

The current era is witnessing revolution in technology like never before. Customers are looking for quick and efficient service at any time of the day. Product quality on the one hand may be the differentiator amongst competition but exceptional customer service on the other, defines sustained customer loyalty.

ServiceEdge, Inspirria's business management software, built for NetSuite solution, enables clients in providing high level of customer service, by offering 360 degree controls and visibility into their service and maintenance operations. Inspirria, NetSuite's leading implementation partner helps services companies with a complete solution which offers automated controls along with maintenance of complete customer equipment database.

The cloud based comprises a very comprehensive system that tracks data of customer’s equipments. ServiceEdge generates contracts and installation/delivery and preventive maintenance jobs through an automated process to provide complete visibility over service contracts.

ServiceEdge offers multiple benefits towards enabling companies to achieve high customer satisfaction. It provides immediate access from anywhere to contract scope, terms, coverage and inclusions. Real-time insights and tools can be used during customer interactions which increases service levels to a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency. The advanced software provides enhanced support case controls and visibility and contract-wise/ equipment-wise profitability analysis. Tracking and categorizing chargeable and non-chargeable cases, which is very critical in operations is an important feature of ServiceEdge.

With such unique features and benefits, companies can very deftly manage timely execution of contract terms thereby achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Inspirria has over 500 clients across the world and is in collaboration with a number of global companies in various verticals and sectors. Inspirria's cloud based offerings has helped organizations drive operational excellence and enhance profitability.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

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