How To Choose The Best Partner To Implement NetSuite Cloud ERP For Your Business

Best NetSuite ERP Implementation Partner

Oracle NetSuite is right now revolutionizing businesses all across the world, by offering a robust, True-Cloud-based ERP platform that is changing the way business operations are being executed.

From large organizations to lean startups, from Fortune 500 firms to traditional, family-owned businesses, everyone is now realizing the true power and potential of Oracle NetSuite.

No wonder that more than 24,000 businesses across the globe have embraced Oracle NetSuite as their primary ERP platform, and they are not only automating their core business processes but also optimizing them and streamlining them.

If you have decided that deploying Oracle NetSuite is the next logical step for making your business even stronger and flexible, it’s very important to take the right steps in choosing your implementation partner: The success or failure of your Oracle NetSuite deployment will solely depend on the capabilities of your implementation partner.

Here are 6 vital parameters that you should consider while selecting your NetSuite deployment partner:

Niche & Industry Specific Experience

One of the first questions to ask is: Does your implementation partner have relevant industry experience in your domain and sector? If a company has experience of only deploying Oracle NetSuite in healthcare companies, then they won’t be having relevant experience in the manufacturing sector. And this can change everything.

Any Certification Or Industry Recognition?

Oracle and NetSuite certifications are the best way to measure the credibility of the implementation partner you are selecting. Industry recognition via awards is also desired, which confirms their expertise and experience.

Will Your Employees Get Live Training & Knowledge-Transfer Support?

After deploying Oracle NetSuite, it’s very critical to empower your employees with the right knowledge and skills to operate Oracle NetSuite ERP, so that regular business processes are not hampered. The right implementation partner will provide live training and assistance to your workforce, and enable them to smoothly operate this Cloud-based ERP.

Support After The Implementation Is Completed?

Post-live support and assistance is very critical for a business that has just deployed Oracle NetSuite. Hiccups and obstacles while operating a new ERP system are bound to hit your regular operations, and there should be assured support from your deployment partner.

Duration For Implementing Oracle NetSuite

Although deploying Oracle NetSuite from scratch takes less time compared to standalone ERPs, there are some implementation partners who are not able to complete the implementation in time, and it drags on till eternity. This can severely impact your regular business processes, and disrupt the company’s internal energy.

Always make it clear about the duration for implementing Oracle NetSuite, considering all the factors beforehand.

Results in Remote Working Culture

Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns across nations, work from home culture has become a necessity, rather than a luxury for most companies. While finalizing your Oracle NetSuite implementation partner, find out whether they are open and flexible enough for working remotely, and supporting your teams that are working remotely.

With more than 15 years of experience in deploying Cloud solutions for 650+ organizations across the world, Inspirria is an award-winning Oracle NetSuite Implementation Partner.

For more information on how Inspirria satisfies all the above-mentioned parameters, schedule a no-obligation assessment for your business, and take the next steps towards deploying Oracle NetSuite from a trusted partner.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

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