Derive More Revenues Per Asset & Gain More Control With Inspirria’s RentalEdge SuiteApp


Asset & Rent management is growing, expanding the business vertical, as more and more individuals and businesses are looking forward to renting equipment, gadgets, real estate and other assets, instead of owning them.

Although the business is booming, this industry faces umpteen challenges when it comes to property monitoring the assets, ensuring consistent rental collection, increasing revenues and more.

Inspirria, a global leader in Cloud Technologies with 15+ years of experience and an award-winning partner of Oracle NetSuite has developed their own Oracle NetSuite Rental Management module called RentalEdge.

What exactly it is, and how can it help your rental business?

RentalEdge: A SuiteApp Which Solves Your Rental Business Problems

RentalEdge is a SuiteApp for rental and asset management businesses, which has been developed on the Oracle NetSuite framework, and can be easily plugged-in to your existing Oracle NetSuite platform.

Using RentalEdge, your organization can not only keep track of each and every asset, SKU and unit which is being provided for rentals, but also monitor their ROI, send payment reminders to clients, create various contracts and deeds, and do much more.

It can automate several business operations related to rental business, and make the owners/management completely location independent.

It’s a game changer tool for those, who wish to scale and expand their rental business, and make it truly global.

Highlights Of RentalEdge SuiteApp Developed By Inspirria

- Swiftly create critical documents such as Purchase contract and Rental Contracts based on templates, and pre-existing rules for new clients. This saves time and resources for the team, and fast-tracks the on-boarding process. Renew your existing contracts on auto-mode, and set rules for the same.

- Plug all the leaks pertaining to revenue generation and profits: Track every customer, and send automated payment reminders via SMS/mails so that revenues don't stop. Get financial visibility of every customer at a glance, and find out your true, loyal clients for making intelligent business decisions.

- Track and monitor every unit, SKU and asset which has been rented out, in real-time. Calculate revenues being generated for every piece of asset, and find out the assets which are most profitable and scale your business using data and information. Make necessary changes to the inventory based on the demand-supply ratio, and get an edge over your competitors.

- Against the SKU number, create a Machine In Field (MIF) automatically. This single feature can save hours of your time and tons of resources, since generating machines in field records takes time, and the process gets complicated as the units increase.

- Generate automated reports (daily, weekly, monthly) of all your assets, and find out real-time inventory positions from anywhere in the World using mobile or tablet/laptop. This is the beauty and power of Cloud computing. Find out which asset has been moved from which location and their current position in real-time.

These are just a glimpse of the solutions and features which Inspirria’s RentalEdge Suiteapp provides to business owners.

For more details, feel free to use this link to schedule a no-obligation session to discuss your business requirements and expectations from RentalEdge.

Friday, July 10, 2020

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