NetSuite Takes Security Seriously: This Is How NetSuite Protects Your Data

NetSuite Data Security

Safety and integrity of business data is no more a luxury, which the management can assign to an intern, and discuss over dinner. It has become a necessity, as important as maintaining operational excellence and profitability.


A data leak from any organization can play havoc on the entire system, exposing business secrets, steal critical business competence information and literally destroy everything. And we are not even touching the financial losses here.


Since ERP and CRM are managing everything a business does, it becomes imperative that such business management suites and platforms are equipped to handle data and application security for the businesses where they are deployed.


Oracle NetSuite, which is the world’s fastest-growing 100% Cloud-based ERP and CRM platform, understands the importance and criticality of data security. They know that unless the servers and the databases are protected from hackers, no business can aim to grow, expand and survive.


Application Security From Oracle NetSuite


NetSuite is empowered to protect the critical application data, which runs the business operations, and have induced advanced security mechanisms for the same. Security of applications is maintained via role-based access to the applications, strong encryption methodologies, robust password policies and unbeatable protection against phishing.


Once Oracle NetSuite is deployed, the management can be assured that no malware is able to crack the system, and the entire suite of applications are protected and safe.


Operational Security From Oracle NetSuite


NetSuite has deployed a host of audit and security standards such as SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI-DSS and EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, which ensures that the end-users, as well as customers, vendors who are using the platform, are safeguarded against any security breach.


Operations of an organization using NetSuite is protected via 24*7 monitoring tools, controls and policies, aided by a security team that makes sure that the operational data is always safe. 


Data Management From Oracle NetSuite


Data, which is the most important entity in this digital age, has to be protected against all attacks, hacks, and malware. NetSuite has implemented a state of the art data management policy and infrastructure, which makes sure that your critical applications and operational data is completely replicated, backed up and available whenever you need it.


World-class enterprise-class data management processes and policies from Oracle NetSuite gives the management peace of mind and assurity about any untoward incident related to data and information breach.


Promise Of Data Availability From Oracle NetSuite


Deploying NetSuite for your organization means accessing and utilizing their 99.5% Service Level Commitment, for your business continuity.


This means that 99.5% of time, your data stored in the data servers of NetSuite will be available, and ready to use. In case of any natural disaster, crucial business and operational data is replicated, and backed up as well.


Businesses can also checkout the live status of their systems and data here, and monitor it round the clock.


Energy Efficient Data Management From Oracle NetSuite


Data management from NetSuite also ensures that your organization uses minimum energy, and not only save costs, but also help protect the environment.


Roughly, every organization which deploys NetSuite is able to save on an average $10,300 per year by saving server room electricity costs (by reducing it by 99%)


Infact, the energy-saving operations deployed by NetSuite helps save 600 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, for thousands of customers, globally.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

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