Get More Power and Flexibility For Wholesale Business With NetSuite 2019.1

A typical Wholesale business is complicated, fragmented across legacy and modern IT systems, and hard to manage when the operations are spread across the globe.


World’s leading Cloud-based CRM and ERP solution provider NetSuite has understood the problems faced by wholesalers in managing their businesses, and have introduced a robust, scalable and powerful module which takes care of every aspect of their business.


In the latest NetSuite 2019.1 release, wholesalers can look forward to even more efficient features and tools, which has been customized and tailor-made for their vertical.


Here are 5 interesting updates in the NetSuite 2019.1 for wholesalers, which gives them a power boost:


B2B E-Commerce Made Powerful


Today, no wholesaler can afford to ignore Ecommerce, and this is the reason NetSuite 2019.1 focuses extensively on making B2B ecommerce seamless. Now, multiple uses from the same vendor account can have their own shopping carts, which provides them with more privacy, and more flexibility. This will enable the customers to add more products into their respective carts and spend more money.


Email Marketing Revitalized


When it comes to direct marketing, especially in the B2B sector, then nothing can beat emails. Unlike other CRM providers, NetSuite has its basics right and focuses hard on making emails better and the best. In this endeavor, NetSuite 2019.1 makes email marketing smarter, with the new email preview option - Now users can use hundreds of email templates loaded with actual data, and preview them before hitting the send button.


Configurable, Modern User-Interface


NetSuite 2019.1 makes your employees more productive, with the introduction of modern, sleek user-interface. Now, the dashboards to track orders and KPIs are enhanced with additional features such as muti-series trend graphics, easier to understand KPI-meters, the inclusion of mini-trend graphs in the headline KPIs and more. The overall look and feel of NetSuite for wholesalers appear more like a consumer app, rather than boring B2B application.


VAT, Taxes & Payments Made Easy


Wholesalers need to make several different types of payments, and often simultaneously with different VAT and tax structure. The approval process consumes most of the time, but not with NetSuite 2019.1. In the latest release from NetSuite for wholesalers, a new feature called Deferred VAT Recognition SuiteApp has been embedded, which makes the process of payments easier, and swift. Often wholesalers pay the amount in increments over time, and this new feature enables allows wholesalers to defer the VAT based on the actual amount paid, and not the invoice. Besides, this feature also allows quick creation of an approval process for any form of payment, and streamline the entire process.


Core HR Capabilities Enhanced, Improvised


NetSuite 2019.1 takes into account the complexities involved in managing human resource of a wholesale business. With the new updates to the core HR capabilities, management can easily track the transition of an employee with the new Employee Status Categories. Classifying employees become easier, and it can be used to assign specific tasks to specific class of employees or teams.


If you are planning to deploy NetSuite for your wholesale business, and struggling with the idea, then here we are, ready to provide you with expert, professional consultancy for NetSuite. For more information, please visit us 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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