Understand Your Customers & Boost Your Profits With NetSuite CRM+

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For any business, customers are the most important entity: Unless customers are happy and satisfied, no business can survive.

In order to make customers happy and satisfied, it is very important to understand them in and out: Which products they like, what the reasons that they prefer your business compared to others, what are their habits, their fears, their pain points and more.

Hidden behind the answers to these questions lies the logic of understanding your customers better, which in turn ensure higher revenues, and subsequently, higher profits.

Now, the big question: How to gather and analyse these data points related to your customers?

And the solution is Oracle NetSuite CRM+.

Understand Complete Customer Lifecycle With NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite is globally, the fastest growing Cloud based ERP and CRM solution provider, having served thousands of businesses all over the world.

Using their incredible insights into understanding customers and their preferences for myriad businesses, NetSuite has developed a robust, tailor-made module for handling customers called NetSuite CRM+.

It integrates some of the most widely used, and more importantly, beneficial features which helps you understand your customers, map their life-cycle, and provide them the exact product/service which they need, and when they need.

Companies become great companies, when they are able to convert strangers into friends, and friends into customers. And NetSuite CRM+ does exactly that.

Sales Force Automation, Marketing, Sales Management & More

NetSuite CRM+ is a complete package, which takes care of every aspect related with your customers and clients, at every stage of your business, and their lifecycle.

One of the biggest USP of NetSuite CRM+ is its ability to integrate Sales Force Automation into the platform, which enables your sales team to have real-time access to all information related with your prospects, accurate record of every interaction and comment, and more.

Using this seamless integration, the management can quickly allocate the best resource to help convert the prospect, and in turn, help the customer understand your business in  a better way.

Sales Forecasting, Incentive Management & Other Features

Using advanced algorithms, and historical data of sales, and customer records, NetSuite CRM+ can actually forecast your company’s sales, and help you prepare for the new orders and new business in a better way.

Besides, you can also manage sales compensation seamlessly, without spending much time and resources into the whole thing. The management can easily configure sales and commission rules, which will be based on the sales targets, quota, quantity, profitability and more factors.

This helps the management to save time, and at the same time, motivate employees to work harder.

Besides these, NetSuite CRM+ has several other beneficial and critical features such as marketing automation, upsell, order management, customer service platform and more.

Aided with real time analytics and customised dashboards, this module from NetSuite can actually transform your business.

To know more about why Oracle NetSuite CRM+ is the best CRM platform for your business, contact us right here.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

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